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Crafts & DIY Projects · 10 Brilliant Things You Can Do With A Simple Bandana

10 Brilliant Things You Can Do With A Simple Bandana

These fashionable accessories are more functional than you'd think!

Bandanas are quite the iconic accessory! Personally, I can’t see a red paisley bandana without thinking about the cowboys and the image of the “Wild West” from my childhood.  But bandanas may also remind you of Rosie the Riveter, 80’s hair metal bands, motorcycle gangs, and more! People have been wearing bandanas for both function and fashion for decades, and it’s easy to see why!

Bandanas are brilliantly simple, widely available, and endlessly versatile. They’re also inexpensive – I regularly see bandanas at our local Walmart priced at $1 each or less. Today I’ll be sharing 10 creative ways you can use bandanas that you may not have considered. (If you have a genius use for bandanas that isn’t listed in this post, I’d love to hear about it! Share your idea in a comment on this post, and you and your comment could be featured in a future blog post!)

10 Creative Uses For Bandanas

1. Napkins

Use bandanas as cloth napkins! You can get a matching set of several bandanas for just a few dollars, and they’ll look great on your table. Plus, you can toss them in the wash after dinner and use them again!

2. Ice Pack

Wrap a bandana around a bag of frozen veggies to make an ice pack for icing swelling or minor injuries. I find that a bandana is just the right thickness, so that it’s not TOO cold or not cold enough.

3. Gift Wrap

Use a bandana as gift wrap for smaller gifts. It’s super simple, and it’s a cute spin on regular old wrapping paper. And your gift recipient can use the bandana for something else once it’s unwrapped! (Send them the link to this post if they need some ideas!) 😉

4. Wall Art

Use a bandana to create easy and unique wall art. Cut them into shapes, or frame them as-is in a pretty antique frame.

5. Apron

Use a bandana to make an apron! All you need is a bandana, a length of thick ribbon, and your sewing machine. Just follow the link below, and use the same method outlined that post!

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6. Camera Strap

My plain black camera strap just wasn’t cutting it for me, so I made my own from a bandana. I’m not much of a sewer, but I found this project to be really straightforward! Plus I loved the finished product. Follow the link for more details.

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7. Quilt / Picnic Blanket

Sew together several bandanas to make an easy quilt that’s perfect to use outdoors. Use it as a picnic blanket, a soft seat for watching your kids’ games, or as a tablecloth when you’re camping! These blankets are so versatile, and I love that they’re so easy to clean. (Plus I get to share this cute picture of my “grandpuppy” Milo, from back when he was actually a puppy. Aww!) Get all the details and instructions to make your own bandana blanket below!

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8. Pillows

I adore these bandana pillows from The Heathered Nest! A few of these bandana pillows would add some fun and casual style to any room. Visit The Heathered Nest for full details and instructions.

9. Wreath

For an easy DIY home decor project, look no further than this bandana wreath from Girl In The Garage. They used red, white, and blue bandanas to make a patriotic wreath for Independence Day, and I love how it turned out! Visit Girl In The Garage for full details and instructions.

10. Sunglasses Case

Make this fun and functional sunglasses case from Hello Glow! The soft material of the bandana will help keep your sunglasses from getting scratched up when they’re in your purse. Visit Hello Glow for details and instructions.

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