· Bright Ideas · 10 Creative Uses For Grill Mats That Will Make Your Life Easier
Bright Ideas · 10 Creative Uses For Grill Mats That Will Make Your Life Easier

10 Creative Uses For Grill Mats That Will Make Your Life Easier

These mats make it easier to clean almost anything!

My very first product – One Good Thing Grill & Oven Mats – has been out on the market for a couple of weeks now, and I couldn’t be more proud and excited. (In fact, I’ve probably been a bit overexcited, judging by the amount of grill mats currently in my possession at home.) I’ve been eagerly brainstorming all sorts of interesting ways to use my numerous grill mats around the house, and I’ve made some pretty great discoveries so far!

Today I wanted to share some of the more creative uses for grill mats that I’ve come up with so far, just to show you how versatile and useful these things can actually be. So let’s get started! 🙂

10 Creative Uses For Grill Mats

Cooking Surface

If you have a glass stovetop, you can place a grill mat directly on a burner and use it as a cooking surface. (Make sure to use the lowest heat setting.) We tested this idea out by making pancakes on it, and it worked surprisingly well for making pancakes!

Crafting Mat for Adhesives

When you’re working with adhesives, sticky crafts, or hot glue, reach for your grill mat! The mat will protect your work surface from sticky spills. And as an added bonus, any glue that gets on the mat should peel right off when it dries.

Crafting Mat for Paints

Craft paints and glitter are notorious mess-makers. Put down a grill mat next time you’re using either! The mat will catch any spills or drips and keep them off your tabletop.

Burner Liner

If you have a gas or electric stove, you can use grill mats to make your stove much easier to clean. Just cut a grill mat down to size, and slip the mat piece underneath your burners. (If you have a gas stove, you’ll also need to cut a hole in the center to accommodate the flame from each burner.)

Pan Liner

Cut a grill mat down to size to line casserole dishes and brownie pans. You’ll be able to lift brownies right out of the pan! You’ll also eliminate those stubborn crusty messes that tend to form in baking pans from cheesy casseroles. No overnight soaking required!


When you take a pot off the stove or a ban out of the oven, place it on top of a grill mat. The mat will absorb the heat and protect your countertops from scorch marks or discoloration.

Microwave Liner

Why is it that when something boils over in the microwave, it always creates a mess that takes forever to clean? I don’t have an answer for that, but I do have a way to avoid the cleanup altogether – use a grill mat! Cut a grill mat to fit the size of the tray in your microwave, and you’ll find it much easier to clean the next time you have a boil-over situation!

Panini Press/Grill Liner

Tabletop panini presses and grills can be very convenient, but they can also be a pain to clean. But if you use a grill mat on your panini press, you won’t have to clean it at all! The mess will stay on the mat, and you can toss the mat in the top rack of your dishwasher when you’re done. So easy! And you can still get those great grill marks, too.

Stovetop Liner

If you have a glass stovetop, you can use a grill mat as a barrier between your cooking vessel and the surface of the stove. (Again, making sure to use the lowest heat setting.)  The mat will catch any spills and splatters, making your post-dinner cleanup a breeze.

Parchment Paper Substitute

People generally use parchment paper when they’re working with chocolate and caramel, because it’s relatively non-stick and peels away nicely from sticky candies. A grill mat works just as well for this purpose, and it’s reusable! Just give it a quick wash and you can use it again and again.

Perfect for any grill, oven or stove!

Ready to add grill mats to your kitchen?
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