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Bright Ideas · 10 Surprising Subscription Services That Will Make Your Life Easier

10 Surprising Subscription Services That Will Make Your Life Easier

Life is hard, but subscription services can help make it easier!

It seems like every day new subscription services are cropping up online! The chances are pretty good that if you need something, there’s a subscription service out there that will send it to you on a regular basis. But if you choose the right ones, subscription services can actually make your life a lot easier! Not only is it convenient to get things you need shipped directly to your door, but it also saves you the time and effort of a trip to the store. A subscription can also eliminate that terrible panicky moment when you realize you’ve run out of something important! I’ve been getting more and more familiar with the world of subscription services recently, so I wanted to put together a post that highlights a few you might find particularly useful.

Here are 10 subscription services that will make your life easier (or at least simplify it a little bit.) 🙂

10 Surprising Subscription Services That Will Make Your Life Easier

1. Air Filters

Why Subscribe?

When was the last time you replaced the filter in your HVAC system? It may not seem like a big deal, but regularly replacing your air filter is actually pretty important! A dirty air filter can aggravate allergy symptoms and inflate your energy bill. If replacing your air filter is a task you tend to be forgetful about, a subscription service may be the answer!

My Pick: FilterEasy

FilterEasy offers air filters on a subscription basis. You can choose the size that’s right for your system, and choose how often you’d like to receive a new one. Then when your new filter comes, you know it’s time to replace the old one! I don’t know if it gets any easier than that! (For more information about FilterEasy, and to find out about more oft-neglected home maintenance tasks, check out my post below.)

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2. Household Supplies

Why Subscribe?

There are certain household products that you buy and use all the time. Many of these items, like paper products, makeup, toothpaste, razors, hand soap, are readily available for purchase online. So why not subscribe to a service that will regularly ship those items right to your door? You’ll cut down your grocery shopping list considerably, which will save you plenty of time and energy at the store!

My Pick: Subscribe & Save from Amazon

I get a lot of my household goods through Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program. In fact, I like the program so much that I wrote a whole blog post about it! There are SO many items you can purchase through Subscribe & Save, and you can get them as frequently or infrequently as you want. It’s a great way to make sure you never run out of the items you need. (We haven’t run out of toilet paper in years thanks to this program!) 😉

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3. Feminine Hygiene Products

Why Subscribe?

Feminine hygiene products are another set of items you really don’t want to run out of. But with a subscription service, you’ll always have what you need at the ready! Another bonus of subscription for pads and tampons? Since the products get shipped right to your door, you’ll never have to have another awkward encounter in the tampon aisle. 😉

My Pick: LOLA

LOLA offers subscriptions that you can tailor to meet your needs. Choose your preferred assortment of pads, tampons, and liners, and they’ll be shipped out to you every month. As if that wasn’t enough, LOLA products are made with 100% organic cotton. It’s a convenient service with products you can feel great about using!

4. Sponges

Why Subscribe?

Did you know that sponges are often the dirtiest, most germ-ridden item in a home? And if you’re using a dirty sponge to clean dishes or countertops, you could just be spreading the germs and dirt around! The CDC recommends replacing your kitchen sponge every 1-2 weeks. And while a sponge subscription may seem silly, it may just make your home a healthier place to live!

My Pick: Sponge Club

With a subscription to Sponge Club, you’ll receive 4 new sponges each month. That’s enough to replace your sponge once a week for maximum cleanliness! And the best part? You’ll pay less than $5 per month for a Sponge Club subscription, and that’s including shipping.

5. Office Supplies

Why Subscribe?

Office supplies are easily forgotten, especially if you don’t use them that often. I can’t count the number of times I’ve gone to print something off at home, only to discover that I was out of printer paper. With a subscription service, you can make sure you’re never out of what you need, whether it’s paper, printer ink, coffee pods, pencils, etc.

My Pick: Office Depot

Office Depot now offers subscription orders on their items, and some even ship for free when you subscribe. You can select how many of an item you want, and how often you’d like to receive it. If you have a home office or are just plain addicted to cute office supplies, Office Depot subscription orders make it easy to stay stocked!

6. Water Filters

Why Subscribe?

Before we got a new fridge a few months ago, the only water dispenser we had was a Brita pitcher that we kept in the fridge. I loved the peace of mind that the filtered pitcher gave me about my drinking water, and I loved the taste too! However, I was terrible about remembering to replace the filter, so a filter subscription probably would have been a great help to me! After all, what’s the point of a filtered pitcher if the water isn’t getting filtered correctly?

My Pick: Brita

You can sign up for reminders to replace your filter on the Brita website. They also recommend setting up a recurring subscription order for the filter you need through Amazon, Target, or Drugstore.com.

7. Clothing

Why Subscribe?

When life gets busy, shopping for clothes can easily fall by the wayside. But getting a new top or a new skirt every once in a while can be a fun little bonus, and even make you feel more confident! So signing up for a clothing subscription can be a great way to expand your wardrobe without having to devote hours to browsing the racks.

My Pick: Stitch Fix

Adding stylish pieces to your wardrobe is downright easy with Stitch Fix. You just fill out a style profile with your sizes and style preferences, then request a shipment date. Then a stylist will handpick 5 clothing items to fit your style and needs, and you’ll receive them in the mail. If you like what you see, you can pay to keep them, or you can send them back at no cost to you. Refreshing your wardrobe has never been easier!

8. Shaving Razors

Why Subscribe?

Have you ever tried to shave with a dull razor? It’s not a fun experience. It takes forever, and often ends with plenty of razor burn. But replacement cartridges can be REALLY expensive, especially for the name brand razors. So what’s a gal or guy to do? Get a subscription for razor blades, of course!

My Pick: Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is a great option if you’re looking for a razor replacement subscription. While they primarily market towards men, plenty of women have DSC subscriptions too! (But you won’t find any pink razors here.) They offer cartridges with 2, 4, or 6 blades, which you can receive as often as you like. They also offer plenty of toiletries that you can add to your order, like shaving creams, lotions, hair products, etc.

9. Pet Food

Why Subscribe?

If you have a pet (or several), then you’re already buying pet food regularly. Why not save yourself the trip to the pet store and get that food through a subscription service instead? You can get your furry or feather-y friend’s favorite food sent right to your door as often as you need it.

My Pick: Chewy.com

Chewy.com is a pet owner’s best friend, where you can order pet food on an auto-ship basis. Whether you have a dog, cat, fish, bird, a hamster, or even a horse, Chewy.com is likely to have just what you need. They carry many different food brands, and you can also find toys, treats, and other stuff for your pets too!

10. Diapers

Why Subscribe?

Babies go through a lot of diapers. (That’s why I almost always give diapers as a gift at baby showers – that new momma is going to need a lot of them!) A subscription for recurring shipments of diapers ensures that you’ll never run out unexpectedly. And when it comes to being a mom, a little thing like a diaper subscription can go a long way towards keeping you sane!

My Pick: The Honest Company

The Honest Company offers a great bundle of diapers and wipes on a flexible subscription basis. The bundle includes 6 packs of diapers and 4 packs of wipes, and the diapers come in tons of cute prints. And you can feel good about using these diapers and wipes, because they’re made without chlorine processing and synthetic fragrances.

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