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10 Surprising Things You Can Do With A Packet Of Kool-Aid

This classic kids' drink is so much more useful than you might think!

My family has a long history with Kool-Aid, and we always used to have packets of it in the pantry and a pitcher of it in the fridge! Both my husband Dave and the kids loved the grape variety, and it was a convenient way to boost my son Kell’s blood sugar levels when they fell dangerously low. (Unfortunately, this happened fairly regularly back when we were learning how to manage his Type 1 diabetes.)

While we don’t keep as many Kool-Aid packets on hand today as we used to, I may just have to stock up again after writing today’s post! Because it turns out that there are a surprising number of different ways to use Kool-Aid packets apart from using it as a drink mix.

From cleaning to dyeing to crafting, those little packets of Kool-Aid are handy to have around! Here are 10 of the most surprising ways you can put one to good use around the house.

10 Surprising Ways To Use A Packet Of Kool-Aid

1. Clean Your Toilet Bowl

Kool-Aid drink mix packets come in all sorts of flavors, but the most useful flavor is lemonade, hands down! Packets of the lemonade drink mix contain citric acid, which makes a great cleaning agent in areas where mineral build-up occurs, like in the kitchen and bathroom.

You can use a packet of lemonade Kool-Aid mix to clean your toilet bowl! Just sprinkle the powder around the bowl of your toilet, and use your toilet brush to give it a good scrub. (If you have stubborn hard water stains in your toilet, let the powder sit on the surface for a minute or two before scrubbing.)

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2. Clean Your Washing Machine

To clean your washing machine, sprinkle 1/4 cup of lemonade Kool-Aid mix into the drum of your machine. Turn the machine on to a normal wash cycle. Repeat as necessary to keep your machine clean and free of yucky deposits that can cause bad smells.

3. Clean Your Dishwasher

To clean your dishwasher, sprinkle a packet of lemonade Kool-Aid mix into the detergent compartment. Empty out the dishwasher, then set it to run on a normal dish cycle. The Kool-Aid will help to dissolve any residues in your dishwasher, so that it can clean your dishes more effectively.

4. Clean Concrete

Use some lemonade Kool-Aid mix to help scrub away stains on your concrete! Simply mix a few drops of water into some lemonade Kool-Aid mix, just enough to form a paste. Apply the paste to a concrete stain and use a stiff scrub brush to scrub the area clean.

5. Dye Unfinished Wood

You can use any flavor/color of Kool-Aid mix to dye small pieces of unfinished wood! Pour the contents of 3-4 packets of your Kool-Aid mix of choice into a cup or bowl of water, and stir until the mix dissolves. Place your unfinished wood item into the bowl and let it soak overnight.

Use this dye method to add character to all kinds of small wood crafts and projects!

6. Dye Yarn

You can use the colored Kool-Aid mix of your choice to dye white or light-colored yarn! Start by dissolving a packet of your Kool-Aid mix of choice in a small bowl of water. Pour the dissolved Kool-Aid into a larger pot of water, then add the yarn to the pot.

Bring the pot to a boil on your stovetop, then place the lid on the pot and turn off the heat. Let the yarn sit in the covered pot for about 30 minutes, then rinse the yarn in warm water and allow it to dry completely.

7. Dye Eggs

Here’s a tip to keep in your back pocket for next Easter – use a packet of Kool-Aid mix to dye your eggs! Mix one packet into 2/3 of a cup of water, and stir until dissolved. Place an egg in the colored water, and keep the egg submerged until the desired color is achieved.

8. Make Colored Glue

Colored glue is an easy way to up the fun-factor of your kids’ craft supplies. Simply pour a packet of Kool-Aid mix into a bottle of school glue, then shake the bottle for a few minutes until the powder has dissolved and the color is evenly distributed. Fun!

9. Make Window Clings

Follow the instructions above to mix up a batch of colored glue, then use that glue to make your own window clings! Stretch out a piece of plastic wrap across a flat surface, then use the colored glue to create the designs of your choice. Let the glue dry completely, then carefully peel your creations away from the plastic wrap. Stick your homemade window clings on windows and mirrors.

10. Make Lip Gloss

Stir a small amount of the colored Kool-Aid mix of your choice into a small container of your favorite non-petroleum jelly. Add more powder to achieve a deeper color. And voila, you’ve got a super-simple colored lip gloss!

Have you ever used Kool-Aid mix in an unconventional way?

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