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Cleaning · 10 Things You Need To Know About Your Dishwasher

10 Things You Need To Know About Your Dishwasher

There's a lot worth knowing about your dishwasher that many people aren't aware of.


Nothing will make you appreciate your dishwasher more than living without one. Having a dishwasher not only makes life easier in general, but it can also encourage you to cook at home more when you don’t have to factor in an additional hour of scrubbing dishes after any given meal.

Beyond their ability to clean our dishes, there’s a lot of cool things about our dishwashers that many people aren’t aware of. So I thought I’d put together my best dishwasher tips and share them with you today, along with some useful dishwasher information I’ve discovered around the web.

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10 Things You Should Know About Your Dishwasher


1. It Saves Water

Most dishwasher cycles actually save water compared to hand-washing. The water savings are even more dramatic with newer, more efficient dishwasher models.

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2. Use White Vinegar To Prevent Water Spots

My little secret for sparkling dishes? White vinegar! In every single load of dishes I do, I place a small dish in the center of the top rack and fill it with white vinegar (1/2 to 1 cup of vinegar per load.)

Nothing else I’ve tried has gotten rid of hard water spots and stains more effectively. Adding vinegar is also useful for eliminating weird smells and clearing cloudy glasses.


3. It Can Clean Your Messes For You

Use your dishwasher to catch messes. Over your open dishwasher door, spray cooking spray onto pans to avoid a slippery, potentially dangerous hazard on your kitchen floor, or measure out powdered ingredients without worrying about any overflow or spillage.


4. It Can Clean More Than Dishes

Your dishwasher can clean more than just dishes! On the top rack of your dishwasher, you can wash: silk flowers, baseball caps, small toys, flip flops, light fixture covers, vacuum attachments, hairbrushes, gardening tools, and more! Read more about what you can put in your dishwasher (besides dishes) here.


5. You Can Cook With It

Did you know you can actually cook salmon in your dishwasher? Douse a salmon filet in your favorite marinade, then wrap it up tightly and securely in tin foil. Place it on the top rack of your dishwasher, and run for a whole cycle (including drying.) The salmon will come out steamy, moist, and delicious!


6. Sort Your Utensils To Save Time

Taking a few seconds to load your utensils into the dishwasher by type will make it easier and quicker to unload them.


7. There’s A Right Way To Load Your Dishwasher

Check out the user manual that came with your dishwasher. A lot of them contain a diagram of how best to load your particular dishwasher. (Besides just being good information to know, it may help settle any ongoing arguments about the best method for loading the dishwasher!)

You can also download my FREE dishwasher do’s and don’ts printable by clicking here.


8. You Can Quickly Fix Worn Tines

If the tops of your dishwasher tines are rusty or exposed, there’s an inexpensive fix. Dishwasher tine caps like these ones are dishwasher safe, and will instantly give your dishwasher a visual facelift.


9. You Can Make Your Own Detergent

It’s easier than it sounds to make your own dishwasher detergent! It’s quick to do and could potentially save you a lot of money over time. You can also make them as dishwasher detergent tablets.


10. You Should Clean It Regularly

Your dishwasher needs cleaning too! Clean it regularly to keep it working properly. Get all the details from my post about how to clean your dishwasher.

Do you have a favorite thing about your dishwasher?

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