· Bright Ideas · 10 Reasons Why Bar Soap Is More Useful Than Ever
Bright Ideas · 10 Reasons Why Bar Soap Is More Useful Than Ever

10 Reasons Why Bar Soap Is More Useful Than Ever

If you've got a few extra bars of soap lying around, here's how to put them to work!

The other day I was organizing the linen closet in our hallway, which is where I keep our stocks of household necessities (toilet paper, for instance). As I was tidying things up, I noticed that we had quite the collection of bar soap! I buy bar soap for my husband,  who is generally the only one in the house who prefers using bar soap to body wash. But I guess I’ve been buying large packages of bar soap lately, which is why we now have a small pile of unused bar soap in the linen closet!

So I did what I usually do when I have too much of something – I started looking for more ways to use it! After a bit of research, I came up with the following list of ways to use bar soap. Even if you don’t have a surplus of bar soap like I do, I hope this list will show you that bar soap is more far useful than it seems. And one day you might be very glad you have some good old fashioned bar soap on hand!

10 Ways To Use Bar Soap

1. Make Body Wash

Turn your favorite bar of soap into your new favorite body wash! You’ll be surprised at how much body wash you can get from one little bar of soap! It’s easy, economical, and takes just a few minutes to do. Get all the instructions you need below!

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2. Make Felted Soap

Making felted soap is a great way to add some extra exfoliating power to a standard bar of soap. It’s easy to do, and it makes a pretty addition to any bathroom! I think a bar of felted soap would make a thoughtful handmade gift, too.

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3. Keep Fingernails Clean

Here’s a great tip for keeping your fingernails clean when you’re doing yard or garden work. Scrape your fingernails over a bar of soap, so that a bit of soap remains under your nails. The soap will serve as a barrier between your fingernails and the dirt. Then when you’re done with the yard work, just give your hands a good washing and the soap will come right out!

4. Fix Smelly Shoes

Did you know that a bar of soap can actually absorb odors? Place a bar inside a smelly shoe and let the odors absorb overnight.

5. Keep Clothes Fresh

A bar of soap can also help absorb musty odors in your drawers and closets! Just wrap a bar of soap in a cloth bag or a piece of fabric, and store it with your clothes. This should also help repel insects!

6. Relieve Bug Bites

A bar of soap can provide quick relief from an itchy bug bite! Just dampen the soap and rub it across the bug bite. The thin layer of soap will help soothe itch and will serve as a reminder not to scratch. 🙂

7. Coat Sewing Needles

Certain fabrics can be tricky for sewing, but a bit of soap can make it easier! Just stick the tip of your sewing needle into a bar of soap before using them. The soap will help the needle slide smoothly through those difficult fabrics.

8. Mark Fabrics

Use a bar of soap to mark hem lines on fabric for your sewing projects! It washes right out, and you don’t have to run to a craft store for a special pencil.

9. Unstick A Zipper

Run a bar of soap along a zipper that tends to snag or get stuck. The zipper will help the zipper slide smoothly!

10. Pick Up Glass

It’s easy enough to pick up larger pieces of broken glass, but the tiny pieces can be really hard to see. Use a bar of soap to help pick them up! Just get a bar of soap wet and press it down around the area where the broken glass is. The bar will pick up any stray shards of glass. Just make sure to toss it out when you’re done!

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