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Cleaning · 10 Ways You Make Cleaning Harder Than It Has To Be

10 Ways You Make Cleaning Harder Than It Has To Be

Housework isn’t really anyone’s idea of a good time, so I would forgive you for believing that cleaning tasks always have to take forever and be super tedious. In reality, it’s likely that one or more aspects of your cleaning routine ensure that cleaning takes forever and is super tedious! But don’t despair, because there are several simple ways to make your housework quicker, easier, and all-around less awful. Here are a few common cleaning faux-pas and some simple ways to correct them!

10 Ways You Make Cleaning Harder Than It Has To Be

1. You don’t have a schedule.

If you have a day every once in a while where you attempt to tackle all the cleaning jobs at once, you’re probably spending more time cleaning than you have to. Rather than doing it all at once, try doing a little bit of cleaning/tidying each day. Your home will stay cleaner, and you’ll save yourself from those all-day cleaning marathons!

2. You don’t make it fun.

Cleaning doesn’t have to be horribly boring. Put on a funny or lighthearted TV show while you work (preferably one you’ve seen before, so you don’t get too distracted!) Or you can always pop in your headphones and listen to a favorite album, or create your own special cleaning playlist with upbeat tunes to keep you motivated. I love audiobooks, so if I’m cleaning, I’m probably also listening to a book. It’s easy multi-tasking, and it makes cleaning so much less of a drag!

3. You use ineffective tools.

While feather dusters were once the dusting tool of choice, modern microfiber dusters and cloths are much more effective. Feather dusters often just push dust around, where microfiber grabs and holds onto dust and dirt. The same can be said about many outdated cleaning tools. Invest in some modern replacements, and you may find that cleaning is much easier than it used to be!

4. You forget to clean and maintain your vacuum.

Make sure to empty your vacuum canister or replace the bag regularly. If you have a removable canister, it’s best just to get into the habit of emptying it after every use. Vacuum bags should be replaced at least once a month, or more often depending on how often you’re using your vacuum.

But emptying the canister or replacing the bag isn’t enough. Your vacuum probably has filters somewhere on it, and those filters need to be cleaned or replaced at regular intervals. Check the Owner’s Manual for your vacuum to determine how often you should change the filters. And make sure to inspect the brush of your vacuum regularly as well. Hair can get wrapped around the brush very easily, and if that hair builds up over time, your vacuum won’t be able to pick up as much dirt.

5. You spray furniture sprays directly onto furniture.

Spraying a furniture spray directly onto furniture can leave behind a film that actually ends up attracting more dust and dirt than before! Make sure to spray your cleaner onto a cloth or paper towel, and then wipe down your surface.

6. You don’t consider the weather.

Even though it seems like a bright, sunny day is the perfect time to clean your windows, it’s actually better to wait until an overcast or cloudy day. Bright sunshine makes cleaners and water evaporate more quickly, which can leave behind streaks. Cleaning your windows out of direct sunlight will help eliminate streaks.

7. You don’t use your bathroom fan.

The easiest way to cut down on the time it takes to clean your bathroom is to use your bathroom fan while you’re in the shower, and for 15 more minutes after you’re done. Your bathroom fan helps to remove moisture from the room, which would assuredly contribute to mildew growth that you would have to scrub later.

If your bathroom fan looks like it’s seen better days, it probably needs to be cleaned. It’s a simple project you can complete in about 15 minutes, and will help your fan operate more efficiently.

8. You make multiple trips.

Whether you’re putting away clutter or deep cleaning a room, it will save you time to carry more at once, rather than making several trips back and forth across the house. Carry a basket for picking up clutter and taking it to the correct room, and use a cleaning tote to carry all your necessary cleaning supplies.

9. You’re not preventing dirt in the first place.

You’ll always save time on cleaning by doing things to prevent dirt from building up in your home. Two simple methods of prevention are instituting a “no shoes in the house” rule, and keeping your windows shut.

10. You don’t let your cleaning supplies do the work.

Cleaning can be so much easier (and much less frustrating) if you give your cleaning supplies time to work before you wipe/scrub them away. If you’re cleaning the tub, spray your cleaner and then go find another task to work on for 10 or 15 minutes. When you come back, it will be much easier to wipe away any mildew and soap scum.

What’s your favorite way to make cleaning easier or more enjoyable?

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