· Beauty · 11 Quick And Easy Fixes For Your Most Annoying Beauty Problems
Beauty · 11 Quick And Easy Fixes For Your Most Annoying Beauty Problems

11 Quick And Easy Fixes For Your Most Annoying Beauty Problems

In case of a beauty emergency, these tips might just save the day (or night!)

When I put on makeup and do my hair in the morning, I always expect my efforts to last all day even though they rarely do! There always seems to be one or two minor “beauty emergencies” I have to stop and fix throughout the day, which is especially irksome when I already have a hundred other things to think about.

That’s why I always keep my eyes peeled for quick and easy fixes for those sorts of everyday beauty emergencies. I’ve picked up quite a few good ones over the years, and I’ll be sharing 11 of the best ones with you in today’s post.

These tips and beauty hacks will help you fix hair and makeup issues quickly with items you likely have close at hand. Here are 11 common issues you can fix in a flash so you can get back to what’s important (and look great doing it!)

11 Quick And Easy Fixes For Beauty Emergencies

1. Staticky Hair

If static buildup has your strands standing on end, you can fix it by swiping a dryer sheet across your hair. (If you don’t want your hair to smell like clean laundry, look for unscented dryer sheets to use for this purpose.)

2. Limp Curls

Whether it’s because of heat, humidity, or even the alignment of the stars and planets, sometimes your hair just will not stay curled. But there’s a quick way to revive your curls, and you can even do it while traveling or at the office!

Dampen a section of your hair, wrap the hair around a marker or pen, then secure it in place with a binder clip. Repeat with all of your most uncooperative curls, then use a hair dryer, hand dryer or even the air vents in your car to help the curls set.

Once your hair feels dry, remove the binder clips and markers and say hello to your revitalized curls!

3. Fading Lipstick

Having trouble getting your lipstick to stay put? Reapply it, then hold a tissue over your lips and use a fluffy makeup brush to apply a bit of translucent setting powder to your lips over the tissue.

The tissue will allow enough of the powder through to help set your lipstick without making your lips look dry or powdery. Your lipstick will last much longer afterward!

4. Clumpy Mascara

If your mascara is looking a bit clumpy, run a bit of clear mascara through your lashes to help separate the clumps. You can also use a flosser, a small comb, or other small items to manually separate the clumps in a pinch!

5. Unruly Eyebrows

To tame unruly eyebrows, spray a bit of hairspray on a clean toothbrush and run it over your brows. The hairspray will help keep them in place throughout the day.

6. Smudged Eyeliner

It happens to everyone—you reach up to rub your eye and end up accidentally smudging your eyeliner! If you have a pencil on hand, you’re in luck. Just use the pencil eraser to wipe away the smudges.

7. Messy Eyeshadow

Some eyeshadows are impossible to apply without getting it under your eyes and on your cheeks. To avoid this, hold a small piece of tape or a sticky note under your eye to prevent the loose powder from settling on your face (or you can use the tape or sticky note after the fact to pick up the eyeshadow fallout.)

8. Cracks In Pressed Powders

Finding out your favorite pressed powder, eyeshadow, or bronzer has cracked is never fun, but it’s not a lost cause! Just add a few drops of rubbing alcohol along the cracks and press the pieces back together. Once it dries, it’ll be good as new!

9. Blemishes

To help get rid of a blemish ASAP, grab your bottle of aspirin! Crush up an aspirin tablet, mix it with just enough water to make a paste, then dab the past onto the blemish to help dry it out in a hurry.

10. Puffy Eyes

Lack of sleep and allergies can both result in red, puffy skin around your eyes. Place two damp tea bags (black or green tea work best) onto your eyelids for 10-15 minutes to quickly soothe irritation and reduce inflammation around your eyes.

11. Less-Than-White Teeth

If your teeth are looking less-than-white, swapping your lipstick can make a surprisingly big difference! Orange, yellow, and beige shades can all make your teeth appear more yellow than they actually are.

Instead, select a bright red shade, or any red shade that has a blue base or blue undertones. These can help your teeth look whiter instantly!

What’s your best quick beauty fix?

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