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Bright Ideas · 11 Quick & Easy Ways To Remove A Stubborn Jar Lid

11 Quick & Easy Ways To Remove A Stubborn Jar Lid

With these 11 tricks up your sleeve, stuck-on lids won't stand a chance!

Nothing makes me feel quite as weak and helpless as struggling to open the lid of a jar. 😉 It doesn’t happen super regularly, but when it does it drives me crazy! I hate having to drop what I’m doing to go find someone to help me get the lid off. But I’ve learned a couple of tricks for removing stubborn lids over the past few years, and I thought I would share those with you today!

You might wonder why anyone would need 11 different ways to open a jar lid, but I think its always good to have options. 🙂 Sometimes I will get the lid off with the first method I try! But more often I will have to try a couple of different methods before I find the “right” one. Jars can be stubborn that way. I think it’s worth knowing several of these methods, just in case! So without further ado, here are 11 tips for opening stubborn jar lids.

11 Ways To Remove A Stubborn Lid

1. Rubber Glove

Pull on a rubber glove and give the lid a twist. The glove will give you better grip on the lid and make it easier to twist off.

2. Towel

Lay a kitchen towel or cloth over the lid for added grip.

3. Silicone Hot Pad

If you have a silicone hot pad or oven mitt, use it to open a stubborn jar! Silicone is really helpful when you need to get a good grip on something.

4. Rubber Band

I keep a large rubber band in my kitchen to help open stubborn jars. I just place the rubber band around the outside edge of the lid, and it usually gives me enough added grip to get the lid off. 🙂

5. Mousepad

It may sound strange, but you can use a mousepad to get a jar lid off too! Just place it face up on top of the jar, then grip around it with your hand and twist. The grippy material on the bottom of the mousepad will help give you added grip on the lid.

6. Duct Tape

Use a piece of duct tape to remove a lid! Wrap a piece of duct tape around the edge of the lid, with one edge left unstuck. Pull on the unstuck edge and the lid should twist off with minimal effort.

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7. Hot Water

Using hot water is a time-tested solution for removing stubborn lids. Just run the lid area of the jar underneath hot running water for 30 seconds or so. The heat will cause the lid to expand slightly, which should loosen the seal. Just give it a twist to remove the lid (but be careful not to burn yourself!)

8. Tap The Lid

If you have a lid that just won’t come unstuck, try tapping it with a spoon. Sometimes food gets trapped near the lid and makes it hard to unscrew. Tapping the lid with a spoon helps dislodge the food, which could solve the problem!

9. Flip It Over

Here’s an easy trick that people swear by for removing stubborn jar lids. Just flip the jar upside-down, and smack the bottom end of the jar with your hand. This could disrupt the seal enough that the lid will twist right off.

10. Break The Seal

If all else fails, you can always use a bottle opener to pry the lid off the jar. You won’t be able to use the lid anymore, but at least you’ll get it off! (Always use a bottle opener for this, never a knife. You don’t want to end up in the emergency room!)

11. Use A Gadget

If you’re frequently struggling to unscrew lids, it might be worth it to invest in a jar-opening gadget! This one can accommodate several different lid sizes, and it only costs a few dollars. Just slide it over the lid, grip, and twist!

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