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Homekeeping · Organization · 12 Genius Pegboard Ideas That Will Inspire You To Get Organized

12 Genius Pegboard Ideas That Will Inspire You To Get Organized

Once you see just how useful pegboard can be, you'll be hanging it up in every room!

I’m beginning to think that “getting organized” is less of a straightforward path, and more of a continuous circle. Just when I think I’ve finally found the perfect way to organize a particular area, I have another brainwave for a method that might work better. (Whether or not that method actually does work better is another matter entirely!) My latest obsession as far as organizing goes is pegboard, of all things. And that’s what I’ll be talking about in today’s post!

You used to only see pegboard in garages and workshops, but more and more people are starting to recognize how useful it can be in just about any room in the house. Lately I’ve been coming across a LOT of fabulous ideas for using pegboard to get organized, and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you. Keep these ideas in mind as you start your spring cleaning and organizing efforts, because a pegboard solution might be just the thing you need! 🙂

12 Genius Ways To Get Organized With Pegboard

1. Hang Oddly-Shaped Kitchen Items

If you just can’t seem to figure out where to store your larger or oddly-shaped kitchen items, why not try pegboard? I use it to keep my rolling pin and KitchenAid attachments out of the way!

2. Make A Homework Station

from Petit & Small

All you need is a simple table and some pegboard to create a functional homework station for the kids. Hang up supplies, folders, calendars for due dates, and anything else that will help your kids stay on top of their schoolwork.

3. Hang Pots And Planters Outdoors

from Apartment Therapy

Add some pegboard to your outdoor garden area to add even more space for pots and planters! This would be especially helpful for someone with a balcony or small patio as a way to pack in a few more beautiful plants. 🙂

4. Make A Movable Gallery Wall

from The Design Files

Gallery walls make a great focal point, but it’s hard to change out the art without rearranging the whole thing. You can make it easy to edit your gallery wall by installing it on pegboard! Hanging your frames on the pegboard means you can change your gallery wall as often as you like without worrying about damaging your walls.

5. Headboard/Nightstand Combo

from Sugar & Cloth

I would have never thought of using pegboard as a headboard for a bed, but I love how this looks! It would be easy to update the decor to give your bedroom a fresh look, and you could even hang some shelves on it to keep your nighttime reading close by.

6. Create A Custom Work Station

from Fabric Paper Glue

The best part about pegboard is that it’s so customizable. Hang a sheet behind your desk to create your own custom work station! Hang up all the things you use on a regular basis, whether they’re craft items, office supplies, tools, fabrics, etc. to keep them close at hand. Not only is this pegboard solution convenient, but it creates a visual focal point in the room that screams “you!”

7. Organize Your Jewelry

from The 36th Avenue

If you’re all about the accessories, consider hanging your collection on a sheet of pegboard! Not only is it tidier than having them strewn all over your dresser or bathroom counter, but it’ll make it much easier for you to choose what pieces to wear in the morning.

8. Add Storage To Your Closet

from Better Homes & Gardens

Add some additional storage space to your closets by hanging up pegboard on the inside of the doors. You can hang smaller items there and leave the main part of your closet open for the bigger stuff.

9. Add Storage To Your Cabinets

from 2 Little Superheroes

The same approach described above works just as well in kitchen cabinets! Add some pegboard to the inside of your cabinets to hang small items like cookie cutters, measuring spoons, and more.

10. Organize Your Drawers

from Andrea Dekker

A piece of pegboard and a few dowels can help keep a deep drawer from becoming a disorganized mess. The dowels attach to the pegboard at the bottom of the drawer, keeping everything in its place!

11. Gift Wrap Supplies

from The Family Handyman

Use a piece of pegboard to create a handy gift wrapping station. You can hang up your wrapping paper rolls, your tape and scissors, and your ribbon collection too!

12. A Well-Organized Laundry Room

from A Beautiful Mess

Add some pegboard in your laundry room to keep laundry and cleaning supplies handy. With all of the cleaning tools kept in plain sight, no one can get out of chores by insisting they couldn’t find what they needed! 😉

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