· Homekeeping · Organization · 12 Ways That A Lazy Susan Can Solve Your Storage Problems
Homekeeping · Organization · 12 Ways That A Lazy Susan Can Solve Your Storage Problems

12 Ways That A Lazy Susan Can Solve Your Storage Problems

Today we’ll be discussing a genius invention with a surprisingly long history: the Lazy Susan! In fact, rotating platforms like these have been in use since the mid-1700s. Although technology has advanced by leaps and bounds since the 18th century, the design of the Lazy Susan has remained relatively unchanged. It’s a brilliantly simple device that can be just as useful in our lives today as it was back then.

Today I’ll be sharing 12 different ways you can use a Lazy Susan around the house. I hope this post provides some inspiration for how you can put one to good use in your own home! I’ll also share some easy instructions for making your own super simple DIY Lazy Susan. (Look for those at the end of this post!)

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12 Brilliant Ways To Use A Lazy Susan

1. Spice Cabinet

I have a handful of spices and seasonings that I use frequently when I cook, and I keep those in the cupboard above my stove. It keeps them handy, but the cupboard is pretty high up, which makes it hard to reach the stuff that gets pushed into the back of the cupboard.

It recently occurred to me that I could solve this problem easily by putting in a Lazy Susan! That way I could just spin it to find what I needed, without having to struggle to reach way into the back.

2. Baking Supplies

Keep all your baking supplies on a Lazy Susan in your cupboard. Not only does that keep all your baking stuff in once place, but it also makes it easier to keep track of smaller items like sprinkles and vanilla extract.

3. Refrigerator

Keep your fridge nice and tidy with a Lazy Susan! Keep all of one type of item on one, like condiments and spreads. You could also just put one in the back of the fridge to make things easier to grab!

4. Craft Room

A Lazy Susan can make the perfect addition to your craft room (or any surface you happen to be using as a craft table). 😉 Put all your supplies for you project on it, and spin it to keep everything accessible while you work! It’ll keep you more organized and less messy.

5. Gift Wrap

You can use the same Lazy Susan technique described above when you’re wrapping gifts! Place your scissors, tape, ribbon, and whatever else you’re using onto it to keep it all close at hand.

6. Dining Table

The Lazy Susan was a popular addition to dining tables in the 19th century. The idea was that if you kept food and drinks on a rotating table, people could easily serve themselves without those pesky servants getting in the way. (The “first world problems” of the 1800s!)

But the overall concept is a good one, and can easily be applied to your 21st century dining table. Use a Lazy Susan to make food, condiments, or seasonings easily accessible for the whole table. It’s especially helpful for round-shaped tables!

7. Decorating Cakes

Putting a cake on a Lazy Susan can be really helpful for decorating! You can spin the cake as you work rather than having to move around it.

8. Barbecues & Picnics

Use a Lazy Susan for utensils and napkins at a barbecue or picnic! You could also use one for condiments. It’ll save space on your table for other foods too.

9. Cleaning Supplies

Use a Lazy Susan to keep your cleaning supplies organized under the sink! It makes it much easier to grab what you need without having to bend over so far.

10. Hair Products

Save space in your bathroom by keeping your hair products in a Lazy Susan. You could also use a small one to keep your makeup organized and handy.

11. Gardening

Keep a Lazy Susan on your potting bench for gardening. All your seeds and tools will be easy to find and use!

12. Laundry Room

My laundry room is pretty short on storage space, so I use a Lazy Susan to help keep things tidy. I keep it in the cupboard above my washing machine, so I always know right where everything is.

You can find Lazy Susans online in many different sizes, but it’s also really easy to make your own! Here’s how to do it at home.

How To Make A DIY Lazy Susan

You’ll need:


Place the marbles in the bottom of one of your pie plates. Add just enough so that it forms a single layer of marbles. Place the other pie plate on top of the layer of marbles. Add your items, and spin gently to use your DIY Lazy Susan! 🙂

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