· Bright Ideas · Saving Money · 13 Useful Products You Can Get On Amazon For Under $5
Bright Ideas · Saving Money · 13 Useful Products You Can Get On Amazon For Under $5

13 Useful Products You Can Get On Amazon For Under $5

There are some really useful products out there that can help make your life a little easier for just a few dollars! Check out some of my favorites here!

When it comes to the true value of the products we buy, I’ve always believed that just because something is cheap doesn’t mean it can’t be useful. And sure, there are a lot of cheap, junky products out there that you’re better off avoiding. But there are also plenty of inexpensive products on the market today that are well worth forking over a few dollars to get!

With that in mind, today I’ll be sharing 13 useful products you can buy on Amazon for under $5 (including shipping!) These products come from a wide variety of categories, including organizers, kitchen tools, beauty products, laundry helpers, and more! Regardless of whether or not you actually need these products, I hope this list inspires you to keep your eyes peeled for hidden gems when you’re faced with inexpensive products! 🙂

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13 Useful Products You Can Get On Amazon For Under $5

Click on the name of each product to view it on Amazon. All prices listed were accurate at the time this post was written, but prices change frequently on Amazon. Check the product pages for the most up-to-date pricing information. Also, keep in mind that many of these products aren’t Prime eligible, meaning they may take a few weeks to be delivered.

1. Trash Bag Holder

Price: $0.29 + $2.99 shipping

This nifty bag holder can hook right onto your cupboard doors. Use it to keep a small trash bag handy while you’re cooking or preparing food. You can also use it as a place to hang your dish towels!

2. Small Purse Organizer

Price: $2.20 + FREE shipping

This organizer bag has 13 compartments to help keep your stuff organized. Using an organizer like this makes it quick and easy to switch between different handbags!

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3. Tea Infuser Strainers

Price: $4.99 (Prime eligible)

These stainless steel strainers are perfect for making loose leaf tea. You could also fill them with herbs and spices to infuse into recipes. And thanks to the hook on the end, you won’t have to worry this strainer falling into your cup or pot!

4. 10-Piece Makeup Brush Set

Price: $4.99 (Prime eligible)

Have your makeup brushes seen better days? You can replace all of them for just under $5! This set has 10 fluffy brushes that will cover all your eyeshadow, foundation, blush, and bronzer application needs.

5. Utensil Stand

Price: $0.01 + $4.98 shipping

Regular spoon rests only fit one cooking utensil at a time. If you need more space, try this handy utensil stand! It has four slots and more than enough space to accommodate all of your various cooking utensils.

6. Silicone Whisk

Price: $0.49 + $2.69 shipping

This bright and cheery whisk is coated is silicone, which means it won’t scratch up your non-sticks pans. It’s also heat-resistant, so you can use it to whisk up sauces and soups while you’re cooking.

7. Flower Drain Cover

Price: $0.49 + $1.99 shipping

This cute drain cover would make the perfect addition to any drain in your house! Use it in the kitchen to keep food bits out of your non-disposal drains. Or use on in the shower to trap hair and prevent clogging!

8. Egg Separator

Price: $2.00 + FREE shipping

Clip this handy little cup onto the edge of a bowl and crack an egg into it. The egg whites will slip out of the holes in the cup, and the yolk will stay put. It’s a quick and easy way to separate eggs without getting your hands dirty!

9. Mesh Zippered Laundry Bag

Price: $0.69 + $1.99 shipping

This small zippered bag is perfect for protecting bras, lingerie, and other delicate clothing in the wash. The lid has a plastic stabilizer to keep the bag sturdy, but it can also collapse flat for easy storage when you’re not using it.

10. Grocery Bag Container

Price: $0.99 + $2.99 shipping

This bag makes a great way to keep your plastic grocery bags organized and out of the way. Just push them in through the top, and pull them out one at a time through the hole in the bottom of the bag. The bag also has a handy loop so you can hang it in your pantry or inside a cupboard!

11. Mini Spatula Set

Price: $3.99 (Prime eligible)

I have rubber spatulas at home, but sometimes they’re too big for certain tasks (like scooping the last bits out of a condiment jar, for instance). These 7″ silicone spatulas are perfect for those small jobs! You get two heat-resistant spatulas in this set.

12. Command Cord Bundlers

Price: $2.38 + FREE shipping as an Add-on Item

These cord bundlers from Command are my secret weapon for keeping my small kitchen appliances organized! Just stick one to the back of your toaster, blender, or Instant Pot to keep the power cord tucked away. Whether you keep your small appliances out on the counter or in a cupboard somewhere, you’ll love how these cord bundlers keep all those cords out of the way.

13. Electronic Cleaning Brush

Price: $4.99 (Prime eligible)

Keeping your electronic devices clean is vital if you want them to last as long as possible. Dust, dirt, and debris can easily build up in all the tiny nooks and crannies of your devices! But a cleaning brush like this makes it easy to clear out all the dust and dirt and keep your expensive gadgets link new!

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What’s the best or most useful product you’ve ever bought for under $5?

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