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This Is The Best Snack For Your Money, And Here’s Why

A delicious snack that comes in a reusable and highly versatile container? It's a win-win situation!

I’ve mentioned this in a few different blog posts at this point, but it’s still true: I tend to get a bit obsessive about food. My most recent food obsession is a particular brand of yogurt called Oui by Yoplait. It’s a French-style yogurt that comes in individual glass jars. And to be honest with you, I might be just as obsessed with the jars as I am with the yogurt that comes in them!

Since I’ve been eating a lot of this yogurt lately, I’ve been coming up with ways to repurpose all of the adorable yogurt jars I have refused to throw out. And I have so many ideas at this point that I can’t help but share them with you here! 🙂

But before we get to that, let’s quickly explore why this yogurt is packaged and sold in glass jars in the first place!

A Brief Introduction To French-Style Yogurt

The main difference between traditional French-style yogurts (like Oui) and other styles of yogurt is that it is “pot set.” This simply means that the yogurt is cultured and sold in the same container, usually in an individual portion.

Using glass containers for pot set yogurt is a very practical choice, because glass stands up well to heat and is easy to sanitize. And I’m certainly not complaining either, because there are so many wonderful ways to reuse these cute little jars! 🙂

Put A Lid On It!

In the next section of this post, you’ll find a list of creative and practical ways to reuse Oui yogurt jars. Some of the uses don’t require any special equipment or alteration—simply wash the jars and go nuts!

Other ideas require you to fit a lid on the jar, but I have good news on that front! There are plenty great lids that fit Oui jars perfectly that are readily available online! Here are just a few:

  • Yoplait Lids – Yoplait offers both blue and clear lids for Oui jars, available for purchase on their website.
  • Wood Lids – These wood lids are designed for small Weck jars, but they fit perfectly on Oui jars too. They have a rubber gasket that forms an airtight seal.
  • Cork Lids – For fans of apothecary jars, try these stylish cork lids for your Oui jars!
  • Silicone Lids – If you want a simple lid that fits well and is easy to clean, look no further than these silicone lids from Amazon!

Okay, now let’s get to the good stuff! 🙂 Without further ado, here are 13 creative ways to reuse Oui glass yogurt jars.

13 Brilliant Uses For Oui Yogurt Jars

1. Candle Votive

Use a yogurt jar as a candle votive. Just put a tea light inside (either the standard kind or battery-powered) and light it up. It you want to add a little something extra to your votive, pour a bit of colored sand into the bottom before adding your light.

2. Odds & Ends

Use a yogurt jar to corral collections of small items, like spare change, office supplies, craft supplies, and more.

3. Spices

Fill a couple of these yogurt jars with your most frequently used spices. For instance, I go through a lot of Italian seasoning, so I filled a jar with it and popped a cork lid on top. It’s always handy when I need it, and it looks greta on my countertop too!

4. Gift Jar

Need a quick and easy birthday gift idea? Fill one of these jars with small gifts like candy, money, accessories, etc. Cover the top of the jar with some cute tissue paper and secure it with a bit of string. So easy, and it looks great!

5. Succulent Pot

Generally speaking, most succulents do best in containers that have drainage holes. But if you fill the bottom of one of these jars with gravel first, you can absolutely use it as a pot for a small succulent! Be sure to use a cactus soil blend, which is drier than regular potting soil, and water your succulent infrequently for best results.

6. Bath Salts

Use a yogurt jar to store or gift your favorite homemade bath salt! (Don’t have a favorite homemade bath salt? Check out some of mine at the link below.)

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7. Meal Prep & Portion Control

If Yoplait can use these jars to make single portions of yogurt, why not reuse them to make single portions of other foods? Get tons of single serving inspiration by reading my post about meals-in-a-jar at the link below.

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8. Condiments & Spreads

Fill these jars with jams, spreads, and other condiments for parties and get-togethers. It couldn’t be easier to do, and people will really appreciate how beautiful they look out on the table!

9. DIY “Sea Glass”

Love the greenish tinge of sea glass? You can transform your yogurt jar into a DIY sea glass container! I used this sea glass spray paint to coat the inside of the jar, then set it upside down on some paper to dry. How easy is that?

10. Air Freshener

Use a few yogurt jars to make your own gel air fresheners! Get the full instructions for making gel air fresheners by reading my blog post about them below.

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11. Bathroom Storage

Use yogurt jars to store personal care items in your bathroom, like cotton swabs, cotton balls, and hair accessories. They’re as nice to look at as they are useful!

12. Snacks

These jars are the perfect size for snacks. Just fill one up with nuts, cereal, granola, candies, or trail mix, then pop a lid on the top and toss it in your bag for later! (As to whether you offer the snacks to your kids or keep them for yourself… that’s for you to decide.) 😉

13. Mini Flower Vase

Have some little spring blossoms coming up in your yard or garden? Use a yogurt jar as a mini vase to display them in your home! There’s nothing like a vase of fresh flowers in the springtime, no matter the size!

How would you reuse these glass yogurt jars?

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