· Homekeeping · Cleaning · 14 Useful Tips That Make Post-Holiday Cleaning Easy
Homekeeping · Cleaning · 14 Useful Tips That Make Post-Holiday Cleaning Easy

14 Useful Tips That Make Post-Holiday Cleaning Easy

From food spills to dusty decorations, there's no shortage of things that could use a good cleaning after the holidays. These 14 tips will help you make short work of your post-holiday cleaning tasks!

This post is sponsored by Powerizer. As always, all ideas and opinions are entirely my own.

I always feel a little bit sad after the holiday season ends, but there’s something cathartic about putting my house back in order. For instance, it’s nice to reclaim the area of my living room that was taken over by our tree and gifts! But it’s very rare that I can put away our decorations without noticing the various messes that the holiday season left behind!

So in case I’m not alone in noticing that my house could use some post-holiday cleaning, that’s exactly what today’s post is all about! I’ll start by showing you how to use Powerizer Complete (my favorite do-it-all cleaning detergent) to deep clean 7 areas that are commonly affected by post-holiday grunginess, like the fridge, oven, etc.

Following that, I’ll share a few clever tips and tricks that will come in handy for the rest of your post-holiday cleanup tasks! Once you’ve read this post, you’ll be ready to clear out the post-holiday mess and start the new year with a clean slate—and an even cleaner home!

7 Things To Deep Clean After The Holidays

1. Fridge

After the last few weeks of cooking, baking, and storing leftovers, your fridge could probably use a good cleaning! Start by throwing out anything that’s old or empty. Then set aside the remaining food so you can clean inside the fridge itself.

Stir 1 scoop of Powerizer into 16 ounces of hot water. Use the cleaning solution and a clean cloth to wipe down the shelves, drawers, and bins. Once everything is clean, replace the food in an organized way. Much better!

2. Dishwasher

Your dishwasher has been working overtime to clear away all that heavy holiday food residue from your dishes. All that gunk can build up on the inside of your dishwasher and make your dishwasher less effective!

But the good news is that it’s easy to clear out all that food gunk, and leave the inside of your dishwasher looking good as new. Start by hand-washing the removable filters, if your dishwasher has any. Then put 1 scoop of Powerizer Complete into the bottom of your empty dishwasher, and run a cycle on the hottest water setting. And that’s all there is to it!

For more great ways to use Powerizer to keep your dishes clean, check out the post at the link below!

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3. Bathrooms

If you played host to any guests over the holidays, your bathrooms could probably use a good cleaning too. You can use Powerizer Complete to make a cleaning solution that works on countertops, sinks, toilets, tile, floors, and more! Get all the details on cleaning your bathroom with Powerizer at the link below.

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4. Floors, Carpets & Upholstery

If spills or splatters during your holiday dinners resulted in floor messes or carpet or upholstery stains, use Powerizer to get rid of them! It’s best to tackle those areas now, while the spills are still relatively fresh. (They’ll get harder to remove the longer they sit!)

To clean your floors, dissolve 1 scoop of Powerizer in 1 gallon of warm or hot water. Use this mixture with a mop to mop your floors. To rinse, mop the area again using a bucket of clean water.

To remove stains from carpet and upholstery, stir 1 scoop of Powerizer Complete into 16 ounces of warm water. Transfer the solution to a squeeze bottle and apply it to the stain. Wait 5 minutes, then blot the stain with a clean, wet cloth to lift the stain and rinse the cleaner out. Once the stain is gone, blot the area dry with a clean, dry cloth.

5. Oven

My oven is currently in pretty rough shape after all the cooking and baking I’ve been doing. But at least I know that with Powerizer, cleaning my oven up will be quick and easy with no harsh chemical smell.

Just mix 1 scoop of Powerizer Complete into 16 ounces of warm water. Then pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray it onto the dirtiest areas for a good spot cleaning. If your oven needs a more heavy duty cleaning, you can make a paste of Powerizer and water for those burnt-on or caked-on areas.

6. Stovetop

You can use the same amounts of Powerizer and warm water listed above to clean your stovetop! Just pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray it all over your stovetop. Let the cleaning solution sit for a few minutes to break up the mess, then wipe clean with a damp clean cloth.

7. Stove Hood Filter

It’s easy to forget about your stove hood filter! But it’s important to give it a good cleaning every once in a while. After all, your stove hood won’t do you very much good if the filter is covered in grease!

Add 1 scoop of Powerizer to a big bowl of hot water, and stir to dissolve. Submerge the filter in the water (or as much of it as you can) and let it sit for 20 minutes. Repeat if necessary to clean the rest of the filter, then rinse with clean water. Let your freshly cleaned filter dry completely before replacing it.

7 Bonus Tips For Post-Holiday Cleanup

8. Pick Up Pine Needles

Vacuums can struggle to pick up all those stray pine needles that are scattered across the carpet. Instead, use a lint roller to pick them up! It’s easy and effective. (This works for needles from both real and fake trees too!)

9. Dust Your Garland

Depending on how long you’ve had your garlands hung around the house, they could be looking a bit dusty at this point. Before putting them back into storage, use the cool setting on your hair dryer to blow the dust right off! (Do this outside if possible to avoid blowing dust all over your house.)

10. Make An Ornament Storage Box

Need someplace safe to store your Christmas ornaments? If you have a spare storage bin handy, you can make your own ornament storage box! All you need is some cardboard, some plastic cups, and your trusty hot glue gun. Check out the full instructions below!

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11. Wrap Your Lights

When you’re putting away your string lights, wrap them around a piece of cardboard first. It’s much easier to store them this way, and they won’t get tangled up! You can also write on the cardboard to remind yourself where you had those lights hanging (like “front porch” or “on the tree,” for instance.)

12. Set Up A Donation Station

You and your family probably got some new stuff for Christmas. It’s always a good idea to donate the old stuff if you can! Make it easy by setting out a big box where everyone can put their old stuff they’d like to donate. This “donation station” will make it easy to control the post-holiday clutter.

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13. Organize Your Returns

If you or your family received anything you need to return, keep all of those items organized in one place. Tape the receipt to the item (if you have it), and make a note of the date that each item needs to be returned by. You’ll have a much easier time with your returns if you have all the important details written down in once place!

14. Clean Your Vacuum

In order for your vacuum to work correctly, you need to clean and maintain it! And it could probably use some attention after all that holiday cleanup. Check out my easy step-by-step guide for keeping your vacuum clean at the link below.

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