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Holidays · Easter · 15 Cute and Clever Ways To Decorate Your Easter Eggs This Year

15 Cute and Clever Ways To Decorate Your Easter Eggs This Year

Take your Easter eggs to the next level.

Easter is just around the corner, and I can’t wait! When spring finally rolls around each year, I can’t get enough of the cheerful pastel colors that are synonymous with the Easter holiday. I want all the Easter-colored candy, all the cute springtime decor, and most importantly, I want to decorate Easter eggs! 🙂

But because all of my kids are grown up, I thought I’d break from tradition and do something a bit more interesting than using the usual store-bought dye kit. So over the past few days, I’ve been scouring the web to see if I could find some DIY Easter egg inspiration. (Btw, if you haven’t started boiling your eggs in the Instant Pot, you’re missing out!)

It turns out that there is no shortage of clever egg-decorating ideas out there on the web, so I wanted to share some of my favorites with you today. I hope that after today’s post, you’ll be feeling as inspired as I am to create your own Easter egg-stravaganza this year!

To start, I’ll show you how to create these gorgeous gold-splattered robin’s-egg-blue Easter eggs! They’re made using edible paint, and the dye itself actually gets its color from red cabbage! (How does red cabbage produce such a lovely shade of light blue? I have no idea, but I’m glad it does!) Keep scrolling past the tutorial to see more than a dozen additional ideas for making unique and beautiful Easter eggs this year!

Gold-Splattered “Robin’s Eggs”

You’ll need:


Before you dye your eggs, you’ll need to prepare the cabbage dye. Start by roughly chopping the head of red cabbage, then place it in a large pot.

Add 5 cups of water to the pot, then bring it to a boil on your stovetop. Reduce it to a simmer and let it cook for 30-45 minutes, and then remove from heat.

Allow the cabbage and water to cool completely. Place a strainer in a large bowl and pour the cabbage into the strainer. Keep the water, and discard the cooked cabbage. (Or better yet, add it to your compost bin!) Finally, stir the 4 teaspoons of vinegar into the cabbage water to finish the dye.

Next, place your hard-boiled eggs into a deep dish or container and pour the cabbage dye over the top. You want to make sure that the eggs are submerged and that they aren’t touching each other.

Place the dish of eggs and dye into your fridge, and let the eggs soak in the dye for at least 1 hour, or up to overnight. (The longer they soak, the darker the color will be.)

When you’re ready, remove the eggs from the dish or container and let them dry completely. You’ll be moving on to the paint splattering stage next, so you’ll want to lay down some paper towels or a few pieces of newspaper before proceeding!

Place the eggs your covered work surface, then dip your toothbrush into the edible paint. Hold it above the eggs, then run your finger gently along the bristles of the toothbrush to splatter the paint onto the eggs.

Let the paint dry completely, then turn the eggs over and splatter the other side. When all of the paint has dried, you’re done! Enjoy your gorgeous Easter eggs!

Even More Unique Easter Egg Ideas

From marbled and stamped, to gilded and paper mache-d, these ideas prove there is no wrong way to decorate an Easter egg! 

Marbled Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

from Practically Functional


Chalky Stamped Easter Eggs

from Simply Designing

Farm Fresh Easter Eggs

from Joy Ever After

Easter Eggs in Party Hats

from Flax & Twine

Typography Easter Eggs

from Lovely Indeed

Sharpie Easter Eggs

from Mom.me

Faux Gilded Easter Eggs

from Just Paint It

Chalkboard Easter Eggs

from Oleander and Palm

Paper Mache Confetti Eggs

from Hello Glow

Washi Tape Easter Eggs

from Centsational Girl

Lace-Patterned Eggs

from Martha Stewart

Watercolor Easter Eggs

from Spoon Fork Bacon

Sprinkle Easter Eggs

from Studio DIY

Paper Flower Easter Eggs

from Tell Love and Party

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