· Homekeeping · Organization · 16 Brilliant Ideas That Will Make You Want All The Wooden Crates
Homekeeping · Organization · 16 Brilliant Ideas That Will Make You Want All The Wooden Crates

16 Brilliant Ideas That Will Make You Want All The Wooden Crates

Some home decor trends can be a bit frivolous, but this one totally lives up to the hype!

Today we’ll be talking about a current home decor trend that has been a staple on craft store shelves for years—the humble wooden crate! Wooden crates are having a serious moment thanks to the hint of vintage flair they can bring to a space. I’ve had my eye on this trend for a few months now, and apparently so have a lot of stores! You can find wooden crates that aren’t very expensive at Michael’s, Walmart, and on Amazon.

Not only do wooden crates look great, but they can be super practical too. You can use them to make furniture, to organize your stuff, or simply use them as a nice piece of decor. In fact, I’ve come across SO many different ways to use these crates online that I’ve decided to share some of my favorites with you today! Below, you’ll find 16 brilliant ideas for using wooden crates from some of the best DIY and craft blogs on the web. (Full disclosure—there are a couple of ideas in this list that feature plastic crates instead of wooden ones. But I figure they’re similar enough that they could be used interchangeably a lot of the time!) So follow the links provided to view the tutorials, or just use these ideas as inspiration for your own unique crate creation! 🙂

16 Brilliant Ways To Use Wooden Crates

1. Organize Your Mudroom

Use storage crates as shelving to control the chaos in your mudroom. A smaller bin or basket fits perfectly inside when the crates are turned on their sides! You could store umbrellas, gloves, sunglasses, and other accessories in them to keep them near the door without making your mudroom feel cluttered.

Tutorial and more details at The Rustic Willow

2. Make A Bookcase

Stack a few crates on their sides, and voila, you’ve got yourself a bookcase! I love how these ones were stacked in a descending order to accommodate the sloped ceiling of the room. It maximizes the amount of usable storage space, and it looks great too!

Tutorial and more details at Maison de Pax

3. Make An Ottoman

This project features a plain old plastic milk crate that this blogger turned into an ottoman with storage space inside! This project is particularly inspiring because it shows that you can use a crate to create something that doesn’t look like it’s a crate. You can always cover the exterior up with something decorative and make it look completely new!

Tutorial and more details at Dwelling in Happiness

4. Add Storage To Your Laundry Room

Hang up a few plastic crates in your laundry room to store detergent, natural homemade fabric softener, and your other laundry supplies.

Tutorial and more details at Handyman.net

5. Cover Them Up

This helpful tutorial demonstrates how to sew a fabric cover that fits over a standard plastic milk crate. A simple cover like this can help make your crates look a little more sophisticated, and if you have a bit of leftover fabric lying around, it won’t cost you a thing!

Tutorial and more details at Sew Many Ways

6. Make A Kitchen Island

If you’re a confident DIYer, you can even use wooden crates to make a kitchen island! This particular design focuses on adding additional storage space, so it would be a great way to add more storage to a small kitchen.

Tutorial and more details at My Love 2 Create

7. Use Them As Cubbies

Use wooden crates to create cubbies for your kids’ school stuff. They can keep their books, binders, and school papers organized in their own cubby, hopefully adding up to fewer lost assignments and fewer headaches for you. 🙂

Tutorial and more details at Jaime Costiglio

8. Build Them Yourself

If you prefer to take a hands-on approach, or if you happen to have some spare wood lying around, you can build your own wooden crate without too much effort!

Tutorial and more details at Shanty2Chic

9. Make Some Shelves

If a full-sized wooden crate is a little too bulky for your needs, you can always cut it down a bit! This blogger turned a wooden crate into two narrow organizers to store her extra serving platters on her walls. Brilliant!

Tutorial and more details at Thistlewood Farms

10. Spruce It Up

If your wooden crate is feeling a little plain, you can always spruce it up a bit with a nice wood stain! And check out this tutorial to learn how to add some cute rope handles to the sides of a crate too.

Tutorial and more details at Pretty Handy Girl

11. Organize Your Craft Supplies

This might be my favorite idea from this list, because we have so many different kinds of supplies at our studio! A storage crate solution like this one would be perfect to help get us more organized. And I love how the natural wood looks on the shelves.

Tutorial and more details at A Beautiful Mess

12. Makeover Your Laundry Room

Hang a few storage crate shelves in your laundry room to add both functionality and style. I like the idea of using the crates to display a mix of both functional and decorative items to add some interest to the room!

Tutorial and more details at The Home Depot Blog

13. Make A Rolling Storage Bin

Give a regular wooden crate a functional upgrade by turning them into rolling storage bins. Bins like these would fit perfectly under a bench or a bed to give you added storage space in any room that needed it.

Tutorial and more details at School Of Decorating

14. Display Your Cookbooks

Use a wooden crate to display your cookbook collection while also keeping them organized. This tutorial shows how to paint and distress your crate and also add some cute vintage lettering. (But a plain wooden crate would work just as well, of course!) 😉

Tutorial and more details at The Red Painted Cottage

15. Make A Coffee Table

I love the idea of using wooden crates to make a coffee table! This one has a ton of rustic charm, but it also feels sophisticated too. And because the crates are on their sides, you can use the space inside each crate to store or display just about anything.

Tutorial and more details at Instructables

16. Create A Kitchen Centerpiece

If your kitchen could use a great decorative piece, check out this tiered produce crate! You can use it to store your fresh fruits and veggies, and it will also look great on your table or countertop.

Tutorial and more details at The Wood Grain Cottage

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