· Bright Ideas · 18 Surprisingly Useful Things You Can Do With The Amazon Echo
Bright Ideas · 18 Surprisingly Useful Things You Can Do With The Amazon Echo

18 Surprisingly Useful Things You Can Do With The Amazon Echo

There are plenty of cool and useful electronic gadgets out there these days that are designed to be fixtures in your home and life. There’s Siri and Cortana, the helpful voice-activated personal assistants in your smartphone. There are wireless speakers that can access your music library and play it in any room in your house, like SONOS. And there are even voice-recognition devices that will create a grocery list for you, like the SmartShopper. But I recently discovered that there is a new device available that can do ALL of these things, and more… the Amazon Echo!

(Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I purchased an Amazon Echo on Prime Day for $50 off, and I have really been enjoying using it!)

The function I’ve used most so far with my Echo is playing music. All I have to do is ask “Alexa” (the Echo’s interface) to play whatever album or playlist I want to listen to! Also, when I’m reading a book that refers to a song, I can ask Alexa to play that song and it’s takes my reading experience to a whole new level. (You’re just going to have to try it to believe it!)

Another function I get quite a bit of use out of is list-making. As soon as I realize I am out of something, I can just holler over to Alexa to add it to my shopping list. Then, next time I’m at the grocery store, I simply pull up the Alexa app on my phone, and my list is waiting for me! You can also make as many custom lists as you want!

These are the two functions I use most often, but there are so many more things that the Amazon Echo can do! Here are a few more…

More Cool Things You Can Do With Your Amazon Echo

  • Start the day by checking your calendar. Alexa will tell you what appointments you have coming up that day. You can also tell her to add a new appointment. (You can also manage your appointments manually in the Alexa app.)
  • Set an alarm. If you feel yourself nodding off on the couch, you can tell Alexa to set an alarm for 20 minutes, so you don’t accidentally sleep the afternoon away!
  • Ask Alexa about what the traffic is like when you’re getting ready to leave for the day. If traffic is heavy, you’ll know to leave a few minutes early.

  • Check up on what’s happening with your favorite sports team. Alexa can tell you sports standings, or results from specific games or matches.
  • Check the weather, in your own area or somewhere else!
  • Ask about nearby restaurants, coffee shops, pharmacies, banks, etc.

  • Quickly and easily re-order an item on Amazon. If you notice you’re out of paper towels, just ask Alexa to order some more!
  • Learn something new! Curious about the distance from the earth to the moon? Wondering about what started the War of 1812? Just ask!
  • Ask about movie showtimes and tickets.

  • Ask about the day’s top news stories.
  • Listen to an audiobook! Not only can you tell Alexa to start or stop your audiobook, you can also pause, skip to a certain spot or chapter, and even set a sleep timer.
  • Listen to your favorite radio apps.

  • For all of you Game of Thrones fans… apparently Alexa knows EVERYTHING about the Game of Thrones universe! You can ask her about quotes, characters, House words, and more!
  • You can even switch Amazon profiles, so the kids can listen to their music, or your husband can listen to his audiobook, without changing or altering your own profile.

  • You can even use your Amazon Echo to order a pizza from Domino’s!
  • Ask Alexa to request a ride from Uber.
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