· Bright Ideas · 20 Handy Ways to Reuse Tights and Pantyhose
Bright Ideas · 20 Handy Ways to Reuse Tights and Pantyhose

20 Handy Ways to Reuse Tights and Pantyhose

I can’t actually remember the last time I wore a traditional pair of pantyhose, but I do wear plenty of tights and stockings (that eventually end up unwearable after I abuse them in some manor.) Once you get a hole or a run in your pantyhose (or nylons, tights, etc) they’re pretty much useless….or are they???

Well, you know I had to find out! And after some intensive research (well, OK, medium intensity research) here is what I found….

1. Homemade cleaning products tend to clog spray bottles. Prevent those clogs with a tiny bit of nylon tied around the end of the sprayer and secure it with a tiny rubber band. 

2.  Make cleaning your hairbrush easy with a layer of nylons on the base of the brush. No more picking and peeling!

3.   Store onions in a way that keeps them dry, aerated, and keeps the skins intact! This is less messy, and takes up less space than a veggie bowl, too! You can also use this method for storing bulbs. 

4.  Use the waistband to secure the trash bag and prevent slipping. (One of my many pet peeves.)

5.   Create a quick glove to remove dog hair easily. 

6.   Store wrapping paper, magazines, or posters in a leg to keep them tidy and prevent rips. 

7.  Use a small section of nylons as a hair-tie.

8.   Use pantyhose as a mesh bag to wash small toys on the top rack of the dishwasher. Great for Legos, figurines and marbles! 

9.   Lost something tiny in the carpet? Put pantyhose around the end of the vacuum hose to find it right away! 

10.   Roll up clothing and wrap it in nylon legs to save space when packing a suitcase. A great DIY alternative to packing cubes!

11.   Polish delicate furniture or nice shoes with a soft nylon glove. You can even scrub dishes with a bit of old nylons! Or keep a reusable “cotton swab” for removing nail polish. Clean anything that needs a delicate scrub!

12.   Line a flower pot before filling with soil to keep every bit of dirt inside the pot.

13.  Store fruits and veggies in a mason jar with some nylon over the top. Use the same method for making a home for bugs that the kiddos catch. 🙂

14.   Wipe away deodorant stains without leaving tissue bits behind.

15.   Wear old nylons under your jeans to add some warmth on a cold day!

16.  Clean tight spaces with some nylons secured around your broom handle. Great for reaching under the fridge!

17.   Stinky shoes? Fill the foot of a pair of nylons with baking soda and some essential oils to absorb odors and leave a fresh scent!

18.  Fill a leg of nylons with stuffing, tie off both ends, and tuck it under a door to prevents drafts.

19.  Save up little slivers of soap and make a scrubbing pouch out of a knotted piece of nylons. Like this idea? Check out this post about felted soap!

20.  Soothe skin with a an easy to make oatmeal shower bag. Use the foot section of an old pair of nylons and tie a knot at the top.

How do you use old nylons?

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