· Bright Ideas · 10 Ways That Club Soda Is The Ultimate Folk Remedy
Bright Ideas · 10 Ways That Club Soda Is The Ultimate Folk Remedy

10 Ways That Club Soda Is The Ultimate Folk Remedy

Club soda to the rescue!

When I think about old folk remedies, club soda is one of the first items to come to mind. It seems like I’ve heard that good old club soda can help you do just about anything! I’m not a big fan of the taste of club soda, so I don’t usually have any on hand to be able to try out any of the club soda remedies I hear about. But I figured it was high time that I highlight this famous folk remedy here on the blog!

But before we jump in, let’s talk about what club soda actually is. Club soda is essentially just carbonated water, like seltzer water and sparkling water. Some club sodas are set apart from standard carbonated water because they have added mineral content. The combination of carbonation and mineral content makes club soda a really useful substance that can do much more than just quench your thirst!

10 Uses For Club Soda

1. Jewelry Cleaner

Soak your jewelry in a small bowl of club soda overnight. The bubbles will help loosen any grimy bits. In the morning, rinse the jewelry and buff to a shine with a soft, clean cloth. Ooh, shiny!

2. Windshield Gunk Remover

Tar, sap, bird poop, bug splatters… there are a lot of sticky messes that end up on your car windshield! Club soda can help break up those sticky messes and make them easier to wipe away.

3. Hair Protector

Pool water can cause discoloration to your hair, especially if your hair is color treated. Use a can of club soda to rinse your hair after a swim to help protect it from discoloration.

4. Soothe An Upset Stomach

Sipping on club soda can help calm and upset stomach in two ways. First, the sodium bicarbonate in club soda can help neutralize stomach acid, and second, the carbonation encourages burping, which can help relieve pressure in your stomach.

5. Rust Remover

To help remove rust, soak the rusty object in club soda for an hour or two. The bubbling action of the carbonation will help loosen up the rust and make it easier to remove.

6. Countertop Cleaner

Use club soda and a soft, clean cloth to clean countertops, porcelain, and all kinds of surfaces in your home. Not only does the club soda clean well, but it leaves behind a great shine, too!

7. Pan Saver

There’s nothing worse than trying to scrub a stubborn, cooked-on mess from a pot or pan. Do a soak with club soda to make it easier! While the pot or pan is still warm, pour club soda into the pan and let it soak for a few hours. When you return, the mess should be much easier to clean!

8. Feed Your Plants

Club soda’s added minerals makes it a great food source for plants! Let a can or cup of club soda go flat, then use it to water your houseplants. Do this once a week to give your houseplants a nutritional boost!

9. Extra Fluffy Foods

Use club soda in place of water for foods that could use an extra boost of fluffiness, like pancakes, waffles, tempura batter, omelets, and more!

10. Stain Pre-Treater

Club soda is well known for its stain removing abilities. Dab club soda onto a stain with a clean cloth to help absorb the stain before washing the item.

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