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Bright Ideas · Saving Money · 9 Uses For Chalk That Will Make You Want A Lifetime Supply

9 Uses For Chalk That Will Make You Want A Lifetime Supply

Why chalk isn't considered a household necessity when it's this useful around the house is anyone's guess.

Now that we’ve emerged from the Great Chalkboard Paint Takeover of the early-to-mid 2010s—at least I think we’re out of the woods on that trend—you may very well have a few sticks of chalk just lying around. (I would say they are “gathering dust,” but chalk is pretty dusty to begin with so it seems a bit redundant.)

If you do have some leftover chalk tucked away in a drawer somewhere, you’re in luck, because I’m about to tell you all sorts of ways you can put it to good use! I tried to limit this list to only the most practical uses for chalk around the house, but I couldn’t resist throwing in a bonus just-for-fun tip at the end. (Because chalk is fun, dang it, even for us boring adults.) 😉

9 Of The Best Household Uses For Chalk

1. Remove Grease Stains

To remove a greasy or oily stain, start by rubbing chalk on the stained area. Let it sit for 10 minutes to give it time to absorb the grease, then wipe off any loose chalk dust before tossing it in your washing machine. It’ll come out good as new!

2. Prevent Silver From Tarnishing

Keep a few pieces of chalk in the same place you store your silver items. The chalk will help absorb moisture in the area and help prevent the silver from tarnishing. You can also put a piece of chalk in your jewelry box to help prevent your silver jewelry from tarnishing, too.

3. Keep Closets Fresh

Hang a small bag of chalk from one of the hangers in your closet. The chalk will keep moisture in check, which in turn will help prevent that musty smell that often goes hand-in-hand with moisture issues.

4. Stop Screwdrivers From Slipping

If your screwdriver keeps slipping while you’re trying to turn a screw, rub some chalk on the head. The chalk should provide enough added friction to prevent it from slipping.

5. Keep Your Tools Rust-Free

If your garage is pretty humid, all that moisture can cause your tools and toolbox to develop rust over time. Help keep your toolbox and the tools inside it free of rust by tossing a handful of chalk pieces in there.

6. Make Minor Wall Repairs

If those little nicks, scrapes, and dings on your walls and door frames are driving you crazy, chalk makes a quick fix. Just find a piece of chalk that matches the paint color and draw over the imperfection. It’ll disguise the mark enough that it won’t draw your attention as much.

7. Stop Ants In Their Tracks

If you see a line of ants somewhere in your house, you can sprinkle chalk across their scent path to stop them in their tracks. Sprinkle chalk around your doorways, windowsills and wherever else the ants seem to be coming in from. Learn more ways to naturally deter and kill ants.

8. Fix Sticky Keys And Locks

Have a door key that keeps sticking in the lock? Rub a piece of chalk along the teeth and tip of the key, then slide the key in and out of the lock a few times. The chalk will help absorb dirt and moisture inside the lock and help the mechanisms slide more smoothly.

9. Hang A Frame

You can use chalk to hang a frame exactly where you want it to go. First, apply some chalk to the hanger on the back of your frame, then press the frame against the wall where you want it to go. The chalk will leave a mark on the wall, and you’ll know exactly where to put your nail or screw.

BONUS: Make Your Own “Chalk Bombs”

While the uses for chalk listed above are all very practical and useful, I could resist throwing in this extra one just for fun. “Chalk bombs” are essentially water balloons combined with sidewalk chalk, in that they’re water balloons that you fill with a mixture of water, chalk, and food coloring.

Just smash them against concrete and wait for the water to dry to see a splattered chalk art masterpiece come to life. It’s a fun project and activity for kids (and kids at heart!) Learn how to make chalk bombs here.

Do have any other favorite uses for chalk around the house?

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