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23 Unexpected Things You Can Do With Your Hair Dryer

If you only use your hair dryer to dry your hair, you're only experiencing a fraction of its usefulness! Check out nearly two dozen other things you can do with it here!

While I do own a hair dryer, I don’t use it all that often. It’s handy to have on the rare occasion that I need to dry my hair quickly at home. But since I don’t dry my hair every day, most of the time it just sits in my bathroom drawer.

But after today, I’ll definitely be pulling my hair dryer out more often! Because I’ve collected 23 unique and clever uses for hair dryers, which I will be sharing with you in today’s post!

You’ll learn how to use it to do all sorts of things, from removing stubborn labels to making perfectly crispy chicken. Now that I know these great tips, it sort of feels like drying hair is one of the less useful things it can do! 😉

23 Surprisingly Practical Uses For Your Hair Dryer

Tackle Sticky Messes

1. Stickers & Labels – Use your hair dryer to help you remove labels, bumper stickers, contact paper, and other stuck-on stuff. The heat will loosen up the adhesive and make it easy to remove the sticker.

2. Bandaids – You can also use your hair dryer to make bandaids less painful to take off! Just blow it at the bandaid for a few seconds to warm up the adhesive.

3. Candle Wax – Use your hair dryer to soften up spilled candle wax and make it easier to clean up. This method is very similar to the one described in this post. (You can also use this method to remove wax from candlesticks, votives, and other candle holders!)

4. Crayon Marks – Use your hair dryer to help remove crayon from walls and other surfaces. Crayons are made of wax too, so heating them up with your dryer will make them easy to wipe away.

Clean Up Around The House

5. Dusting – Use your hair dryer on the cool setting to make dusting much faster! Just blow the dust off of your items and surfaces, then vacuum the dust off the floor once it settles.

6. Water Rings – The heat from your hair dryer can help dry out and remove water rings from wood furniture. Put the nozzle attachment on if yours has one, turn it on the cool setting then point the dryer at the ring. Increase the heat after a few seconds, and the ring should disappear.

Warm Things Up

7. Bed Sheets – It can be torturous to climb into a cold bed during the winter! Use your hair dryer to warm your sheets before bedtime.

8. Pet Fur – Wet dogs can really make a mess of your house! After coming back inside from the rain or snow, use your hair dryer to help dry your dog’s fur. (My grand-puppy Milo loves getting dried off like this!)

Dry Things Off

9. Quick Dry Clothes – Use a hair dryer to quickly dry small clothing items in a pinch. No one wants to walk around in wet socks!

10. Diaper Rash – For babies who are prone to diaper rash, use your dryer to help keep your baby dry and comfortable. While changing their diaper, use the cool setting to make sure their bum is totally dry before putting the new one on.

Stretch Things Out

11. Tight Shoes – Have a cute pair of shoes that are just a bit too tight? Pull on the thickest socks you own, put on the shoes, then point your hair dryer at the shoes for a couple minutes to stretch them out. (Learn more ways to stretch out shoes here!)

12. Ill-Fitting Sunglasses – Do you glasses squeeze your head or slip right off? Heat the arms of your sunglasses up with your hair dryer to make them more pliable, then gently bend the arms inward or outward to correct it.

Beauty & Fashion

13. Curly Lashes – Blast your eyelash curler with your hair dryer for a few seconds before using it. A warm eyelash curler helps produce extra full and curly lashes! (Just be careful not to burn yourself!)

14. Clothing Wrinkles – Get rid of clothing wrinkles fast! Spray the item lightly with water, then aim your hair dryer at the wrinkles and watch them disappear!

In The Kitchen

15. Glossy Cakes – Use your dryer to give your homemade cakes a glossy, professional look! Just blow warm air on the frosting until it starts to look shiny, then let it cool.

16. Unstick Meat – Use your hair dryer to separate meat that got stuck together in the freezer. Blow the warm air on them just long enough to get them unstuck.

17. Soften Butter – Forgot to soften butter for cookies? Use your hair dryer to soften up cold butter quickly.

18. Eliminate Clumps – Salt and pepper can form clumps if they are put in shakers that aren’t completely dry. The next time you wash your salt and pepper shakers, use your hair dryer to make sure they are completely dry before filling them again.

19. Crispy Chicken – As strange as it sounds, you can use your dryer to help make the crispiest, most delicious roasted chicken! Check out this post for full details!

Home Improvement

20. Frozen Pipes – Use your hair dryer to thaw out frozen pipes during the winter.

21. Painting Helper – Your blow dryer can be a useful tool when making small repairs with paint or spackle. It’s very handy for speeding up the drying process!

For Travel

22. Dry Toiletries – Use your hair dryer to dry out your toothbrush, loofah, and other damp items before packing them for a trip. This will prevent them from developing an unpleasant musty smell inside your toiletry bag.

23. Heat Food – Staying in a hotel room without a microwave? You can use the hair dryer in the room to heat up leftovers in a pinch!

Do you have a favorite tip or trick that involves a hair dryer?

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