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Holidays · Advice · 25 Days Of Service Jar! Make The Holidays More Meaningful!

25 Days Of Service Jar! Make The Holidays More Meaningful!

Year after year the holiday season sneaks up on me and quickly becomes this stress-filled blur. Decorating, present-buying, wrapping, parties, cooking, entertaining….the list goes on and on. Then, before I know it, the holidays are over and I’m just tired. This year started out the same as all the others until I spotted this idea for the 25 Days Of Service Jar posted by my friends on Small Fry Blog (thanks Emily, Jenna, and Nicole!) Now I am on a mission to make the holidays a little more meaningful for me and my family by adding the element of giving service to everyday leading up to the holiday that our family celebrates…..Christmas.

The thing that instantly drew me to this idea was how SIMPLE it is.  Simple to make the jar, simple to execute the service. Simple but meaningful…that is how things should be, especially at this time of year.

If you’d like to create some holiday memories or start a new family tradition, here’s how you can make your own 25 Days Of Service Jar….in 3 easy steps:


Click here to DOWNLOAD this list of 25 simple acts of kindness and service.

OR, you can use this list as inspiration for your OWN list (which is what *I* did with the list I found at Small Fry Blog.)


Once you have your list, print it out and cut the papers into strips, with one idea on each strip of paper. I ended up copying the list and printing it out in a different, larger font. This ended up making my strips quite big, requiring a large jar to put them all in. You don’t need to do this. Just print and cut the way they are and use a much smaller jar. 🙂


Find an appropriately-sized jar and add the strips of paper to it. Done!

You now have your own 25 Days Of Service Jar ready for use! Now I realize that today is actually December 3rd and if you want to accomplish all 25 acts of kindness before Christmas you might have to double up on a couple of days, but I think after looking at the list you’ll realize that shouldn’t be too difficult. 🙂

Choose one strip a day (or let the kiddies do it!) and do what’s on the list! It’s really that simple! But imagine how much nicer the whole holiday season will feel in light of this one simple idea. For ME I’m guessing it’s going to be the best year yet!

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