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Crafts & DIY Projects · 25 Simple Fall Decorating Ideas

25 Simple Fall Decorating Ideas

I personally find fall the most challenging season to decorate for. It seems like with every passing year “fall decorating” becomes more “Halloween decorating” than anything, and even though I am a fan of Halloween, I don’t want my fall decor to be all about bats, ghosts, and spiders!

So I have brought together some of my favorite DIY ideas for bringing the beauty of autumn inside (or at least to our doors) with these easy fall decorating projects.

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Hurricane Glass Glam Makeover

Give plain glass hurricanes a shimmery makeover with sheets of copper leaf you can pick up at your local craft store.

Copper Glitter Banner

Remind friends and family how lucky they are with this easy, do-it-yourself decoration. Pick up chipboard letters at your local craft store, then cover them in copper glitter. Attach letters to twine with hot glue and hang above a buffet, mantel, entry table or anywhere your home could use a bit of seasonal sparkle.

Autumn Leaf Monogram

Celebrate the changing season with a leaf monogram door hanging. Just paint a paper-mache letter, let dry, then hot-glue dried or silk leaves to the letter in layers. Finally, hot-glue a wire loop to the back of the letter for hanging. If you have a metal door, replace the hanging loop with magnets.

Pumpkins Display

Add pumpkins to an existing display to dress it up for fall. Plain pumpkins work well, but if you want to add some extra flair, paint designs on the pumpkins in black or white.

Apple Art

Arrange brightly colored apples on your mantel, perching them on decorative pedastals for height. Use artificial apples if you want the display to last the whole season.

Hometown Pumpkins

Emblazon your house number and hometown on pumpkins. You’ll need number stickers and a decal in the shape of your state. Apply to pumpkins, and use a foam brush to cover both pumpkins with two coats of acrylic paint. Remove the decals.

Leaf art

Super simple! Pressed leaves taped to crafting paper make for great seasonal art. Hang a few rows with removable adhesive strips above a bed or sofa.

Add Fall Foliage to Pumpkins

Just use ModPodge to decoupage a white gourd with pressed leaves. You can harvest the foliage from your own backyard or online.

Stalks Of Grass

Ornamental grasses dress up a plain staircase for fall — the dried variety is available at crafts stores and fresh grasses can be purchased at some floral shops. Simply bundle bunches of the grasses together, secure with a rubber band, and tie to every other baluster on your staircase with raffia.

Fall-Colored Paper Lanterns

An easy and inexpensive way to decorate your front entry for fall. Attach smaller lanterns in various shades of orange to bamboo stakes using light-color string, put in planters on either side of the door. Add symmetry with pumpkins in various sizes piled below the planters. Top it all off with a larger-than-life orange paper lantern hung from the center.

Decoupage Faux Pumpkins

Give faux pumpkins a makeover by covering them with strips of trendy fabric. Large pumpkins are a stylish addition to front porch displays while small pumpkins will add a pop to your Thanksgiving table.

Easy-Carve Pumpkins

Geometric cutouts in different sizes and patterns make these pumpkins chic and simple. Just hollow out the pumpkins, stencil on your designs, and cut out each square with a pumpkin carving saw.

Less is More

In a monochromatic space, just a few pops of fall color are all you need.

Give bookshelves, a mantel or any flat surface a quick fall fix with a sprinkling of autumn leaves. Gather pretty specimens from your own backyard or pick up a pack of the silk variety at your local craft store.

No Centerpiece Necessary

A few easy-to-create fall leaf streamers are all you need to decorate your Thanksgiving table. Skipping the centerpiece means there’s nothing at eye level to block your view of the other guests either.

Fall Wall Grouping

Shop thrift stores and garage sales for assorted small frames then fill them with fall sentiments, black-and-white photos and pressed leaves.

Authentic Leaf Garland

Thread freshly fallen oak leaves together garland-style to bring autumn indoors. Wrap around a table or hang on a mantel.

Nature’s Art

Highlight the colors of fall by bringing the most vibrant leaves inside. Put individual leaves in small bud vases to draw attention to their unique details. Put several vases together for a collected look or place one leaf at each place setting.

Fall Photo Art Display

Capture the beauty of fall in a removable art display. Use a foam paintbrush to apply paint to the front and sides of 4×6-inch wood blocks. When all the blocks are dry, mount 3×5-inch fall photos using spray adhesive. Gently press each photo onto the painted side of each block.

Flowering Pumpkin

Add quick color to a fall decorating staple with flowers. Cut holes at different heights about 1 inch apart around the middle of the pumpkin with a small sharp knife. Fill floral vials with water and push the vials into the holes so they are just below the surface of the pumpkin. Cut your flowers so they have 2-inch stems, insert one or two flowers into each vial.

Table Setting

Fill an oversized jug with branches of leaves cut from the yard for a free centerpiece. A neutral backdrop of white linens and dishes puts the focus on punches of orange and green. Very inexpensive to create!

Pumpkins As Serving Pieces

Topped with silver serving pieces, pale gray and green pumpkins add interesting height (and fun!) to your buffet.

Think Simple Materials

Kraft paper place mats, extra-large grain-sack napkins, and a simple burlap runner complete the elegant yet rustic look.

Pumpkin Pile

For a super quick and easy idea, group tiny pumpkins on a side table, for a carefree, casual touch. There is no right or wrong way to create this display.

Blooming Pumpkin

Clean out your favorite pumpkin, line with aluminum foil, fill 3/4 full with potting soil, and add some violas, pansies, red and green leaf lettuce, thyme, and rosemary to decorate.

What is your favorite way to decorate for fall?

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