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40 Creative Uses for Versatile VELCRO®

Today’s post begins with a very short history lesson. Back in the early 1940’s when Swiss engineer George de Mestral would go for walks in the Alps with his dog he would return home with pesky cockleburs stuck to his pants and his dogs coat. After examining the burs under a microscope, de Mestral was inspired to develop the unique two-sided fastener known as hook-and-loop tape, but more widely known by its brand name VELCRO® (a combination of the French words “velour” and “crochet.”)

Kind of interesting huh? Well, I thought so. 🙂 But even more interesting is all the ways this popular fastener can be used! At home, at work, even in outer space (by NASA!)

Here are 40 of our favorite uses:

Use VELCRO® for hanging pictures! They make it super easy to get the right placement on the wall without any pesky nail holes. They come in various strengths and will even hold heavy frames. These two 24 x 36 frames hanging in Kaitlyn’s living room are held up with hook and loop strips.

More creative ideas…….

  • Attach small pieces of VELCRO® in between the buttons on a shirt that has a tendency to gap.
  • Make toy organization fun for kids by putting VELCRO® strips on playroom walls. Some stuffed animals may stick to the VELCRO® on their own, but for those that won’t you can just attach VELCRO® strips.
  • Keep rugs in their place by attaching VELCRO® to the bottom of the rug and the floor.
  • De-pill sweaters with the hook side of a strip of VELCRO®.
  • Keep a tablecloth in place by attaching strips of VELCRO® to the table and the tablecloth.
  • Use heavy duty VELCRO® strips to hang tools on garage walls.
  • Use VELCRO® strips to keep seat cushions from sliding around on chairs.
  • VELCRO® a flashlight to a wall for use in emergency situations. Make sure everyone in the family knows where the flashlight is stored. You can even attach them to the backsides of nightstands in each room in the house for easy access. Another great spot is next to the fuse box!
  • Hang a smoke alarm with VELCRO® strips.
  • Hide external hard drives, power strips, modems, cable routers etc. under a desk.
  • Bind messy cords together with a VELCRO® strip. This also works great to keep iron cords, hair dryer cords etc. corralled.
  • Attach a waterproof radio or Bluetooth speaker to a shower wall.
  • Hang a window valance with a few VELCRO® strips.
  • Use a small piece of VELCRO® to keep a pen handy on your desk, refrigerator, in your car etc.
  • Wrap VELCRO® strips around wrapping paper to keep it from coming unrolled.
  • Temporarily alter kids’ clothes with VELCRO® strips. You can hem pants or shorten sleeves on shirts.
  • If the closure on a purse breaks, attach a couple of VELCRO® strips to keep your bag closed.
  • Hang battery operated lights in hallways, closets, bedrooms etc.
  • Hang your phone or tablet from a wall, kitchen cabinet, back of a car seat headrest etc.
  • Bundle things together like pens, straws, plastic silverware, etc.
  • Use VELCRO® strips to support struggling plant and flower stems.
  • Hang a mailbox on your house without putting holes in your home’s façade.
  • Keep kids cups handy on the fridge with VELCRO®. That way your kids don’t use a million cups for water during the day!
  • Use a piece of VELCRO® to keep doors and drawers closed that always seem to come open. This can also work to keep small children from opening doors.
  • VELCRO® a tube of lip balm to your nightstand so it’s always handy when you need it.
  • If you have animals or children that tend to knock items over on tables or shelves, use VELCRO® to keep the items in place.
  • Use VELCRO® to attach remotes to the side of the television or coffee table. If your car radio has a remote, VELCRO® it to the dashboard.
  • Keep rubber stamps handy in an office with a small piece of VELCRO®.
  • If the zipper on a jacket breaks, sew on a couple pieces of VELCRO® to keep it closed. I read a comment on another website from a woman who did this for her husband who has Alzheimer’s. It’s a lot easier for him to close his jacket with the VELCRO® than it is to use a zipper or button.
  • Keep umbrellas handy by the front door with a couple pieces of heavy duty VELCRO®.
  • Attach handy items to the lid of a cooler when traveling.
  • Keep your pet’s food bowl in place with some VELCRO® on the underside of the bowl.
  • Attach necklaces and bracelets to the wall with a VELCRO® dot (attached to the wall) and a loop of VELCRO® (strung around the necklace or bracelet).
  • Make a no-slip dishtowel by sewing or gluing on a piece of VELCRO®.
  • Attach an organizer to the inside of a cabinet door.
  • Use VELCRO® dots to attach spices to the bottom or sides of kitchen cabinets.
  • Attach labels to drawers and bins.
  • VELCRO® a large paper clip to a wall or desk to keep papers in place.

What are you favorite ways to use VELCRO®?

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