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Bright Ideas · 5 Ways To Dress Up A T-shirt For Summer!

5 Ways To Dress Up A T-shirt For Summer!

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of meeting Megan who blogs at BrassyApple.com at my Jillee Blogger BBQ! I just loved the concept of her website – Revamp, Restyle and REfashion your life – and thought you would too. So I have asked Megan to take one of the next 3 days while I am at BlogHer ’13 in Chicago and give a taste of the great ideas she has to offer!  Take it away Megan……………………

T-shirts have long been associated with an “I don’t care how I look today” frame of mind. But it can be hard to pass up the comfort of a t-shirt for a blouse. Just because you are wearing a t-shirt doesn’t mean you can’t look pulled together and chic.

Here are 5 tips for taking your Summer T-shirt Style up a notch!

1. FIT -Make sure you are starting out with a flattering fit – that doesn’t mean it has to be skin tight. Think about the neckline, sleeve and bodice. A tailored t-shirt looks less “sloppy” and it more flattering on your body.

2. JEWELRY – A necklace can change the look of a plain t-shirt quickly without losing the ease, comfort and casual style you may be going for. Go big with a large piece. Go bold with a strong color. Or simply add a silver or gold necklace. Almost anything goes when you are working with a plain t-shirt as the base.

3. VEST – It’s Summer so we are talking about keeping cool! When pairing your t-shirt with a vest think of materials that are light and airy – not heavy. Also sleeveless keeps you in a Summer look.

4. SKIRT – It’s all about the Maxi right? Since we all love the comfort of a t-shirt, a perfect match is a knit skirt. Go short, long or hi-lo. A comfortable skirt makes your t-shirt look just a little more chic while still feeling and looking a bit on the casual side.

5. SCARF – wear them year round! The celebrities do it so you know you can to! Just like #3 you want to pick scarves that are light, airy and not overly bulky. Also wearing them in more of a loose fashion than too bunched up or tight around your neck gives it a summer feel.

BONUS tip! (And you thought you were only getting five!)

Now that you have the 5 tips, combine a few of them! Think about jewelry and a vest. Or a scarf and a skirt. The combinations of outfits and “what to wear” with your t-shirts just increased!

Try a few new looks and tag your instagram photos with @brassyapple so I can see them too! If you want more “doable” everyday style and refashion tips pop over to BrassyApple.com.

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