· Homekeeping · Organization · 7 Smart Hacks That Will Solve Your Closet Organization Problems
Homekeeping · Organization · 7 Smart Hacks That Will Solve Your Closet Organization Problems

7 Smart Hacks That Will Solve Your Closet Organization Problems

If you struggle to keep your bedroom closet organized, you do NOT want to miss these 7 space-saving closet hacks!

I would say that for the most part, I have very few complaints about my house. (Especially after my recent bathroom renovations, which you can read all about at this link!) But if a magic home renovation genie were willing to grant me one wish, I wouldn’t hesitate to wish for a bigger closet in my bedroom!

Having a small closet can be mildly inconvenient or a logistical nightmare, depending on the day. So I always have an eye out for clever ideas and closet hacks that I can use to make the most of my limited closet space. I recently came across a few brilliant ideas that I’ve put to good use in my own bedroom closet, and I’m excited that now I get to share them with all of you!

The 7 clever closet hacks in today’s post will help you maximize the storage space in any sort of closet, while still keeping things organized. Navigating a cluttered closet can eat up a lot of your time in the morning, so these hacks are sure to save you valuable time and effort every time you get ready! 🙂

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7 Clever Closet Hacks That Will Keep You Organized

1. Hang Luggage

Luggage can take up a LOT of valuable real estate in your closet. But you can reclaim that space by finding an unused area on the wall or ceiling to hang your luggage instead! (The area above your closet door is perfect for this!)

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2. Utilize Wire Racks

If your closet has wire racks or shelves, be sure to take advantage of them! Hang a few S-hooks and use them to hang up tank tops, belts, scarves, ties, and more. And you can tuck them right at the back of your closet so they stay out of the way.

3. Hang Accessories

Keep your accessories and smaller items organized in a tiered produce rack like this one. You can hang it from the rod in your closet, or hang it from the ceiling in an unused corner of your closet. A hanging rack is the perfect place to store jewelry, wallets, keys, and other small items.

4. Hide Your Shoes

If your shoes are taking up a lot of your closet space, store them on a shoe tray that you can slide underneath your bed or another piece of furniture. And you don’t even have to go out and buy a shoe tray either—just use the lid from a large plastic storage bin!

Just turn it upside down, and slap some felt furniture pads on the corners if you’ll be using it on a hard floor. Place your shoes on the “tray” and slide it out of sight. Easy!

5. Keep Boots Upright

Tall boots can take up more space than necessary in your closet if they are leaning against each other. But you can keep your boots standing tall by placing a short section of a pool noodle into each boot! They pool noodles will keep them upright and make it easier to keep them organized.

6. Use Colored Hangers

Using a color-coded hanger system can make it quicker and easier to get ready in the morning. Use a different color or type of hanger to separate clothes by season, by person, by occasion, or whatever system makes the most sense for you and your closet! It will help you know exactly which color hanger to look for when you go to get ready.

7. Use Skirt Hangers For Pants

Hang pants from skirt hangers (which are those hangers with clips on either end.) Many people just hang their pants over a regular hanger, but this adds unnecessary bulk to your closet. Hanging them from clips will ensure you can fit more clothes on your closet rod!

What’s your best tip for making the most of your closet space?

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