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Bright Ideas · Advice · 7 Smarter Ways To Get Your Packages Delivered To Avoid Theft

7 Smarter Ways To Get Your Packages Delivered To Avoid Theft

Package thieves would absolutely HATE this post! Find out how easy it is to get smarter (and safer) about the way you get your packages delivered.

As someone who lives in a relatively small town, being able to shop online saves me so much time and energy. Instead of wasting 30 to 45 minutes driving to the nearby towns with more shopping options, I can buy nearly anything online in just a few clicks. But even though I’m an avid online shopper, I also know from personal experience that online shopping has drawbacks of its own. And one of the biggest drawbacks is the rise in package theft.

As online shopping has grown in popularity, so has package theft. According to a recent survey commissioned by Comcast and conducted by Wakefield Research, nearly one in four people report having been a victim of package theft at some point. The number is even higher among Millennials, with one in three reporting having had a package stolen. It’s a real problem, and it only seems to be growing!

But you don’t have to take package theft lying down! In fact, there are several options out there that you can use to keep your packages from getting stolen. And I’ll be sharing 7 of those options with you in today’s blog post! By the end of this post, you’ll have all the information you need outsmart any package thief. 🙂

7 Smarter Ways To Get Your Packages Delivered

1. Use An Amazon Locker

If you’re worried about your Amazon package getting swiped off your porch, try Amazon Locker! Amazon Locker units offer secure lockboxes that you can use to receive or return orders. They’re often located in or around department stores, convenience stores, and Whole Foods locations. (More about Locker locations below.)

When you select an Amazon Locker location for delivery, they’ll send you a unique pickup code when it’s time to go collect it. All you have to do is go to the Locker location within the next 3 days, type in the code, and one of the secure lockboxes will pop open and reveal your package! Since you alone know the pickup code, Amazon Locker is an extremely secure delivery method and a great option to use when placing important orders.

Amazon Lockers are currently located in 900 U.S. cities and towns. Search for one near you by logging into Amazon, then clicking Your Account > Your Addresses > New Address. (Look for the section that says “To add an Amazon Pickup Point or Locker, click here.”)

2. Provide Delivery Instructions

Almost every online order form includes an optional field where you can add delivery instructions. Use this box to inform your delivery person of a more secure place to leave your packages. For instance, you might write “leave the box by the shrub under the window,” or “put it behind the planter on the porch.”

A box sitting out in the open on a front porch presents an easy target for package thieves. So having your delivery person leave your package in a less visible place can go a long way toward protecting it from would-be thieves!

3. Get Deliveries Elsewhere

Consider getting your packages delivered to somewhere other than your own house. If you work in an office, ask around to find out if it’s okay to receive personal mail at that address.

Another option is to recruit a trusted neighbor, especially if that neighbor is usually home during the day. Ask them if they’d be willing to accept deliveries for you in exchange for a fee and/or homemade treats!

4. Use An Alternative Mailbox

Both the U.S. Postal Service and UPS offer mailboxes you can rent for a monthly fee. These “alternative mailboxes” are typically very secure, so it can be a great option for package deliveries. However, not all P.O. Boxes can accommodate packages, so make sure to know what your options are before signing up for one.

5. Get Delivery Alerts

Sign up for delivery alerts whenever you can. Amazon will text you alerts when your order is shipped, when it’s out for delivery, and upon delivery. USPS offers a similar service with their Informed Delivery program, and UPS offers UPS My Choice for alerts and additional delivery options. Knowing when to expect your package can help you get it inside in a timely manner!

Doorman Unveils Package Pickup & Shipping Service to Solve the Ordeal of Online Returns (PRNewsFoto/Doorman)

6. Try Doorman

Doorman is a relatively new service that provides a more flexible option for package delivery. You have your package shipped to Doorman, then schedule your preferred one-hour window for one of their drivers to drop off your package. It currently costs $5 per delivery, or $19/month to subscribe.

Unfortunately, right now Doorman is only operating in San Francisco, Chicago, and New York City, but if you happen to live in one of these cities, this could be the answer to your package delivery problems!

7. Check Out Amazon Key

Amazon offers a Key Smart Lock Kit, which includes a smart lock and Cloud Cam for your front door. It has the same advantages of other smart lock systems, including keyless entry, guest access, and motion clips when someone enters or exits the door.

But Amazon Prime member have the added option of using their Key Smart Lock Kit for in-home delivery. The delivery driver will use their scanner to request access to your door, then they’ll place your package inside and re-lock your door. You’ll be able to watch the whole thing live through the Cloud Cam, or you can watch a video clip of the delivery later. You can read more about in-home delivery with Amazon Key here.

What’s your best tip for keeping packages from getting stolen?

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