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Food & Recipes · 8 Meal Subscription Myths, And Why They Aren’t True

8 Meal Subscription Myths, And Why They Aren’t True

Uncover the truth behind these pervasive myths about meal subscription services!

This post is sponsored by Blue Apron. As always, all opinions and ideas are entirely my own.

Word-of-mouth can be a very valuable tool, and it’s one that we all use to some extent. Some people get book recommendations from their well-read friends, and other people (like my dear husband) spend hours combing through product reviews online before buying anything. But while word-of-mouth can be really helpful at times, it’s not always foolproof. In fact, sometimes word-of-mouth spreads beliefs about a product or industry that just aren’t true! And I think this happens quite a bit during conversations about meal subscription services.

From what I’ve heard, it seems like there are a few common misconceptions out there about meal subscriptions. And because I’ve had such positive experiences with Blue Apron in the past, I’ve decided to make it my personal mission to help dispel those myths! So today I’m sharing 8 common myths and misconceptions about meal subscriptions and setting the record straight!

8 Common Meal Subscriptions Myths

Myth #1 – “Meal subscriptions are too expensive.”

I actually wrote a whole post about this very topic! We determined that you’d only save about $12.50 if you bought all the same ingredients for the meals at your grocery store. When you consider that the cost of a Blue Apron box includes shipping, the cost of meal subscriptions is right on par with the grocery store!

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And speaking of saving money, Blue Apron is offering a special discount just for OGT readers! The first 50 OGT readers to place an order using this link will receive $40 off their first two weeks of deliveries!

Myth #2 – “I won’t like the food.”

You actually have quite a bit of control over what kinds of recipes you’ll receive in your Blue Apron box. You’ll have 8 chef-designed recipes to choose from each week, so you’re almost certain to find 3 that you’re excited about cooking. And there are no longer restrictions on which recipes you can choose, so you have all the power to customize your box to fit your tastes!

Myth #3 – “The food will be unhealthy.”

While Blue Apron recipes aren’t necessarily “diet recipes,” they’re typically much healthier than eating out. In fact, each Blue Apron meal is between 500-800 calories per person, which is MUCH better than a lot of restaurant meals!

Myth #4 – “I’ll leave the table hungry.”

I can’t speak for everyone, but in my experience I’ve always been satisfied by the portion sizes of Blue Apron meals. It isn’t necessarily a question of whether you’ll be full or not, but whether or not you’ll have leftovers. (I usually do.)

Myth #5 – “I won’t have the right equipment.”

Blue Apron recipes are written for the average at-home cook, so they don’t expect you to have a ton of fancy equipment. For the vast majority of recipes, you’ll need a decent kitchen knife, a skillet, and maybe a small saucepan. Oh, and some oil, salt, and pepper of course. 🙂

Myth #6 – “The recipes will be too complicated.”

It’s easy to look at some of the recipe cards and think, “How am I ever going to make this?” But the big secret about cooking, and especially cooking Blue Apron meals, is that a lot of meals are actually easier to make than they look. The instructions on the recipe cards are very clearly written, and each step is totally doable. And you can always move at your own pace!

Myth #7 – “The recipes will take too much time.”

Cooking at home does require a bit of time and effort. But all of the recipes from Blue Apron can be prepared in 40 minutes or less, which means you won’t be chained to the stove all night. (I’ve personally had conversations about where to eat out that lasted longer than 40 minutes, so you might even save yourself some time!) 😉

Myth #8 – “My schedule is too crazy to commit to weekly deliveries.”

You might worry that the plans from a meal subscription service won’t be flexible enough for your busy lifestyle. But with Blue Apron, you can choose to skip any week of deliveries that you want. So if you know you have a crazy week coming up and you won’t have time to cook at home, just skip that delivery on their website or smartphone app. And if you end up deciding that you no longer want to receive any deliveries, you can cancel at any time.

I hope this post has helped give you a new perspective on meal subscriptions, or helped you learn something you didn’t know before.

If you’re interested in trying Blue Apron, don’t forget about the special offer I mentioned above. The first 50 OGT readers to place an order using this link will receive $40 off their first two weeks of deliveries!

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