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Bright Ideas · 8 Unusual Things You Should Keep In Your Fridge

8 Unusual Things You Should Keep In Your Fridge

The fridge: it's not just for food anymore!

Weird Things You Should Refrigerate

Most of us use our refrigerators exclusively to keep our food cold because of the way it helps maintain freshness. But food isn’t the only thing can benefit from being stored in a refrigerated environment!

In fact, there are plenty of household items that can benefit from being kept cold for a variety of reasons. Today we’ll be taking a look at 8 of the most unexpected items you may want to consider making room for in your fridge! 🙂

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8 Surprising Things You Should Store In The Fridge

Weird Things You Should Refrigerate

1. Fresh Cut Flowers

There’s a good reason why you often see flowers stored in refrigerated cases at florists and floral departments! The cold environment helps prevent the petals and stems of fresh cut flowers from wilting like they tend to do at warmer temperatures.

You can use this fact to your advantage the next time you buy flowers for someone, because you can buy them a day or two beforehand and keep them fresh in your fridge. That’s one less thing to worry about!

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Weird Things You Should Refrigerate

2. Eye Cream

While most eye creams are perfectly fine to store at room temperature, a lot of people prefer to store theirs in the fridge. Applying a cool eye cream in the morning can feel really refreshing, and it will help reduce puffiness and redness around your eyes too!

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Weird Things You Should Refrigerate

3. Lipstick

The oils in lipstick can eventually spoil and render your favorite shade unusable! You can avoid this unfortunate scenario by storing your most expensive or treasured lipsticks in your fridge.

Refrigerated lipsticks do have a tendency to “sweat” when brought back to room temperature, which isn’t necessarily harmful—the moisture beads can leave marks, but it’ll still be perfectly wearable. I recommend refrigerating “special occasion” lipsticks you don’t wear all that regularly, because they’ll last a lot longer that way!

Weird Things You Should Refrigerate

4. Eyeliner

Warm, slightly softened eyeliner might be easier to apply, but it’s almost impossible to sharpen! When your eyeliner needs to be sharpened, stick it in the fridge for a while to firm up, and you’ll have no problem achieving the perfect point!

Weird Things You Should Refrigerate

5. Pillowcases

Sleeping during the summer can be challenging for me because I have a hard time relaxing when I feel hot or sweaty. I often find myself seeking refuge on “the other side of the pillow” to feel some relief, if only momentarily.

But you can take this concept to the next level by refrigerating a stack of clean pillowcases. When it’s sweltering, just slip one onto your pillow before you crawl in bed and you’ll be nodding off in no time!

Weird Things You Should Refrigerate

6. Nail Polish

Storing nail polish in the fridge can extend its lifespan dramatically. Refrigeration can make nail polish more viscous and tricker to apply smoothly, but it thins out a bit as it starts to come back to room temperature. As with lipstick, I recommend refrigerating shades you don’t wear very often to help preserve them.

Weird Things You Should Refrigerate

7. Homemade, Organic, And Natural Cosmetics

If you own any organic or natural cosmetics, or have a few of your own homemade concoctions, you definitely want to store those in your fridge! Many of these types of products are made without preservatives, and refrigeration is your best bet at keeping them fresh so you can actually use them before they spoil.

Weird Things You Should Refrigerate

8. Metal Kitchen Tools

One of the keys to making a good, stiff whipped cream is keeping everything as cold as possible. The easiest way to do that is to just toss your mixing bowl, whisk, or whisk attachment in the fridge for a while before you want to make some.

You’ll find that it’s much easier to achieve those stiff peaks with chilled equipment. (This tip is something you can use any time of year, but it’s especially useful during the heat of the summer!)

Now that you know how useful your fridge can be as a storage place for non-food items, you might be curious about what surprising things you can keep in your freezer. Find out here! 🙂

What sorts of things do you keep in your fridge?

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