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Homekeeping · Cleaning · These 9 Cleaning Mistakes Can Make Your Food Taste Bad

These 9 Cleaning Mistakes Can Make Your Food Taste Bad

If your food tastes a bit off, one of these common cleaning mistakes could be to blame!

Have you ever dug into a home-cooked meal, only to discover that it tasted a bit… off? Even if you followed the recipe to a T, it turns out that your cleaning habits could be to blame! Prepping and cooking takes time and effort, but that effort could be in vain if something is negatively impacting the taste of your food. But this scenario is totally avoidable, as long as you know a few simple tips! 🙂

Today I’ll be sharing 9 common cleaning issues that can negatively affect how your food tastes. I’ll also share simple tips for fixing these issues, so you can ensure that your cooking turns out as tasty as possible!

9 Cleaning Mistakes That Can Ruin The Taste Of Your Food

1. You Put Off Cleaning Oven Spills

When food spills or splatters occur inside your oven, it’s easy to procrastinate cleaning them up. It’s not like it’s hurting anyone, right? But leaving splatters and spills in your oven can definitely have an affect on how your food tastes! Food spills will continue to bake and burn in your oven, and it can give off odors that can impact the taste and smell of whatever you cook next. Scrubbing your oven with Bar Keepers Friend is a quick and easy way to remove spills and splatters!

2. You Use Too Much Dishwasher Detergent

Using more detergent than necessary can make it impossible for your dishwasher to completely rinse your dishes. It could leave behind a detergent residue on your dishes that may taint the taste of whatever food you serve on them. To prevent this from happening, make sure you’re only using as much detergent as the package recommends.

3. You Don’t Rinse Surfaces Well Enough

Most cleaners you use on your kitchen surfaces don’t need to be rinsed with water, but some do! Any time you use a bleach solution when cleaning your kitchen, make sure to rinse the area thoroughly. This simple step will help prevent cleaner residue from getting transferred to your food!

4. You Put Your Garlic Press In The Dishwasher

Tossing your garlic press into your dishwasher may not be getting it as clean as you’d hope. In order to keep old garlic bits from clogging up the holes, you’re better off hand-washing your garlic press. Use an old toothbrush to get into all those nooks and crannies!

5. Your Utensils All Face The Same Way

If your utensils all face the same way in the dishwasher, they may not be getting completely clean. Spoons have a tendency to nestle together, making it hard for the dishwasher to clean the space between them. Instead, load utensils in alternating directions to help prevent them from nestling together.

6. You Put Cast Iron In The Dishwasher

Washing cast iron in your dishwasher is a big no-no! Your dishwasher will quickly remove the outer seasoned layer from a cast iron pan. An unseasoned cast iron pan will cook less evenly and be more prone to sticking, which will surely affect the taste of the foods you cook in it (here’s a quick guide to re-seasoning your cast iron skillets!) Learn how to properly clean and care for cast iron by reading my post at the link below!

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7. You Don’t Clean Food Containers Thoroughly

Plastic food storage containers can absorb the colors and smells of certain foods. The containers can then pass on that smell and taste to whatever food you happen to store next. But there’s an easy way to eliminate food residues and odors from your storage containers. Just pour a splash or two of white vinegar into the container, then fill it the rest of the way with warm water. Let it sit out for a few hours, then wash as usual. The container will be much fresher after the vinegar soak!

8. Your Grill Is Dirty

Cooking on a grill grate that is crusted with charred gunk will definitely affect the taste of your food! Be sure to scrub your grill’s grates clean before each use. You can use half an onion speared on a BBQ fork to scrub your grill grates, and it won’t leave any bristles behind!

9. Your Coffee Maker Needs Descaling

In order to keep your coffee tasting great, make sure to descale your coffee machine every once in a while! Minerals from your water can build up on the inside of the machine over time, affecting the taste of the coffee it brews. Luckily, descaling your coffee machine is easy! Just fill your coffee machine’s water reservoir with equal parts white vinegar and water. Run a brewing cycle (with no coffee or filter), then discard the water and vinegar mixture. Run the machine at least twice more with clean water each time to flush out any remaining vinegar.

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