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Bright Ideas · Laundry · 9 Useful Bra Hacks You’ll Want To Know About Immediately

9 Useful Bra Hacks You’ll Want To Know About Immediately

Struggling with slipping straps, stabbing underwire, or crushed cups? These brilliant bra hacks will save the day!

I think for many women, bras are a “can’t live with them, can’t live without them” sort of item. They can be kind of a pain (both literally and metaphorically), but most of us still choose to wear them every day all the same!

So I figure if we’re going to wear them, we ought to figure out how to make the experience easier and more comfortable! And that’s exactly what today’s post is all about, because I’ve gathered nine brilliant tips and tricks that are all about bras.

From stopping strap slippage to quick and easy adjustments, these tips are sure to make wearing and caring for bras simpler. I think you’ll find them as useful as I did!

9 Bra Hacks That Every Woman Should Know

1. Quick Fix For Exposed Wire

There’s nothing worse than discovering your bra’s underwire has broken through the fabric and is now jabbing you mercilessly. But luckily there’s a quick fix that will help stop the pain instantly! Just feed the underwire back through the hole, then seal the hole with a small piece of moleskin.

You can read more about how this tip works by reading the full post here.

2. How To Wash Your Bras

Good bras don’t typically come cheap, but you can make sure you get your money’s worth by washing them correctly so they last as long as possible. Check out this post to find out which bras you can machine-wash and which you should hand wash, and to learn the best way to do it!

3. Store Them Stacked

Wondering what’s the best way to store your bras? The best method is the store them upright with the cups nested inside each other.

Not only does it save space in your drawer, it also helps the bras keep their shape! (And avoid hanging bras in the closet, as gravity can stretch out the straps over time.)

4. Spin(ner) Cycle

After hand washing a bra, you don’t want to wring it out and risk twisting it out of shape or damaging it. Grab your salad spinner instead, give it a few good spins to expel the excess water, then lay it out to air dry.

5. Shower With Your Sports Bra

After a workout, just wear your sports bra into the shower! It’s best to wash sports bras ASAP, and cleaning it in the shower is a gentler option than machine-washing. Use a bit of gentle detergent or soap to wash it, rinse it under the shower head, then hang it to air dry.

6. Clip Your Straps

Want a way to hide your bra straps when wearing tanks or thin-strapped dresses? Just get a pack of bra strap clips! These simple clips will hold your bra straps near the middle of your back, keeping them out of sight and out of mind.

7. Extend Your Band

While I wouldn’t advise wearing a bra that’s significantly too small for you, there are certain occasions when you could use a little extra breathing room. If you find yourself in need of an extra inch or two in your bra’s band, use one of these handy band extenders! Just connect it your bra’s existing hooks for instant extension.

8. Safer Packing

Tired of your bras getting crushed in your suitcase when your travel? Get a zippered bra and underwear packing organizer! This structured bag will help keep their shape and keep them organized too!

9. Fix For Problematic Straps

Bra strap issues can keep you distracted all day. Whether they are slipping off your shoulders or digging into your skin, it can be a huge nuisance!

But there’s one simple product that can solve both issues: silicone bra strap cushions. The increased surface area and added grip from these cushions will keep your straps comfortably in place.

What are your best bra hacks?

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