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Homekeeping · Cleaning · 9 Reasons Why Cooking Spray Is An Unexpectedly Good Cleaner

9 Reasons Why Cooking Spray Is An Unexpectedly Good Cleaner

Cleaning... with cooking spray?! Give these surprising cleaning hacks a try and see the results for yourself!

Today’s post is an ode to the spray can we all keep in our kitchen cabinets. That’s right, today we’re talking about cooking spray! While most of us use it to keep food from sticking to our casserole dishes and baking pans, that’s just the tip of the iceberg! There are plenty of other unexpected ways to put to to good use though, and many of them involve keeping things clean!

It sounds pretty unbelievable that a greasy, oily spray could help with cleaning, right? But it’s true! And today I’ll be sharing 9 of my favorite cooking spray cleaning hacks to help drive that point home. 😉 These tips will help you clean all sorts of things, from your bathroom to your car! And who knows, these tips might convince you to keep some cooking spray with your cleaning supplies too!

9 Remarkable Cooking Spray Cleaning Hacks

1. Soap Scum

Use cooking spray to break down even the most stubborn soap scum in your tub or shower. Just spray the area with cooking spray, and wait 5 minutes for the spray to break down the soap residue. Then cover the area with a little non-toxic dish soap, scrub, and rinse clean.

2. Greasy Hands

After a messy project, use cooking spray to clean up greasy or paint-covered hands. Just spritz a bit of cooking spray onto your hands and rub them together until the greasy mess starts to come free. Then wash your hands with a bit of grease-cutting dish soap to wash the mess away!

3. Frosty Freezers

After defrosting your freezer, use cooking spray to ensure that it stays frost-free for longer. Just spray the inside of the freezer with a bit of cooking spray, then wipe it off with a paper towel so only a thin layer of oil remains. The ice will make it much harder for ice to adhere, making the whole freezer much easier to defrost next time around!

4. Cheese Grater

The proteins in cheese can make it really difficult to clean off of kitchen tools like your cheese grater. But you can use cooking spray to make it so the cheese never sticks to your grater in the first place!

Just spritz the inside and outside of your cheese grater with a bit of cooking spray. Then as you grate your cheese, the cheese shreds will slide right off and leave very little cheese residue behind.

5. Faucets

If you want to leave behind a dazzling shine on your bathroom faucets, just grab your can of cooking spray! Spray a tiny bit of it onto your clean bathroom fixtures, then buff them to a shine using a clean, dry microfiber cloth. (You might want to keep your sunglasses handy to block the glare!)

6. Shower Door

Glass shower doors are beautiful when they’re clean, but they can also be notoriously difficult to keep clean. But you can use cooking spray to make it easier! The spray it onto your glass doors, let it sit for a few minutes, then clean as usual.

7. Bugs On Cars

Speaking of tough things to clean, how about those little splattered bugs that cement themselves to the front of your car? It can take ages to remove them, and it’s easy to damage your car’s paint job in the process. It turns out that cooking spray is the answer to removing those stubborn bugs safely!

Just apply a spritz to any bugs that are proving difficult to remove, and wait for a minute or so. Use a clean microfiber cloth to remove both the spray residue and the bug.

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8. Food Storage Containers

Sick of all of your Tupperware containers getting stained red? Before you fill up a container with a stain-prone food (like tomato-based sauces and curries), spray the inside with a little bit of cooking spray. It will act as a protective barrier between the food and the container, and you won’t have to worry about staining!

9. Sticky Dough

When you’re baking, use cooking spray to prevent sticky doughs from getting stuck to your hands and countertops. And a little bit goes a long way here, so you don’t need to use much!

Do you have a favorite cooking spray tip, trick, or hack?

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