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Beauty · Saving Money · 9 Brilliant Beauty Hacks That Will Save You A Fortune

9 Brilliant Beauty Hacks That Will Save You A Fortune

Looking your best doesn't have to cost a fortune, and these cheap and easy DIY beauty hacks prove it!

According to market research agency Mintel, in 2018 the global beauty and personal care industry hit nearly $50 billion in sales. Part of what that staggering statistic shows is just how much people around the world are willing to spend on beauty products!

And it’s really no wonder, because everywhere you turn these days, it seems like someone wants to tell you about an expensive product that will solve ALL of your beauty concerns. It’s easy to get caught up in that hype, and to feel like there’s no other option than to spend a fortune to get the best beauty products.

But in today’s post, I want to help change that mindset by focusing on inexpensive and DIY beauty hacks! I hope today’s post to serve as a reminder that no matter what’s doing on in the beauty industry, there are still plenty of cheap, DIY solutions that can help you look and feel your best. 🙂

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9 Clever & Resourceful DIY Beauty Hacks

1. Tape Away Wrinkles

Sleeping with you face pressed into your pillows and blankets can contribute to wrinkles in a big way. But as strange as it might seem, you can use tape to guard against wrinkles while you sleep!

Just apply a piece of clear medical tape over wrinkles to keep them smooth overnight. If used regularly, this tip can actually help prevent wrinkles from deepening over time.

2. Coffee Supply Manicure

No time for a manicure? If you have a few coffee supplies handy, you can give yourself a quick DIY treatment that will leave them looking soft and clean!

Mix a bit of sugar with lemon juice and honey, then use the mixture as a scrub to clean and soften your hands. Rinse your hands clean, then use a wooden coffee stirrer to push back your cuticles. Done!

3. Tea For Puffy Eyes

Have a couple of green tea bags handy? Use them to treat puffy eyes in a flash! Start by wetting a couple of green tea bags with water, then place them in fridge to chill for a while.

Take the chilled tea bags out of the fridge and place them over your eyes. Rest that way for 10-15 minutes to reduce puffiness significantly.

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4. Cinnamon For Plump Lips

Beauty blogger Michelle Phan swears by cinnamon as a lip-plumping agent. For fuller lips, rub some moistened cinnamon over your lips before applying your lip color.

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5. Lemon For Cracked Heels

My heels have always been prone to dryness and cracking, and I’ve tried all sorts of remedies to try and soften them up. And surprisingly enough, there’s a trick involving half a lemon that works extremely well! Learn how it works here, and your heels will be soft and hydrated in no time.

6. Sea Salt Hair Detox

If your hair is looking a bit limp or dull, it could be due to hair product buildup. One of the easiest fixes for buildup is to add a small handful of sea salt to your regular shampoo! The salt will help dissolve and scrub away residue from your hair products, leaving your hair clean and super soft.

7. Coffee Facial Mask

Here’s a creative way to make use of coffee grounds. Coffee, thanks to its astringent effects and nourishing antioxidants, can make a great toning facial treatment! Just mix a handful of coffee grounds with enough milk to form a paste.

Apply the coffee “mask” to your skin, then relax for about 20 minutes or so. Rinse clean with warm water, and admire your toned and brightened skin!

8. Scrub For Smooth Legs

If you haven’t tried my exfoliating scrub for silky smooth legs yet, I urge you to give it a try! Not only will it leave your legs feeling super soft, but the exfoliating treatment also helps prevent ingrown hairs from forming. Get the recipe for my leg scrub here.

9. Blackhead Banishing Treatment

Struggling with annoying blackheads? You can use honey, lemon, and baking soda as a simple and effective treatment for eliminating those troublesome blackheads. Get all the details on this simple treatment here.

Do you have any brilliant DIY beauty hacks?

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