· Bright Ideas · Saving Money · These 9 Affordable Alternative Kitchen Gadgets Will Save You Money
Bright Ideas · Saving Money · These 9 Affordable Alternative Kitchen Gadgets Will Save You Money

These 9 Affordable Alternative Kitchen Gadgets Will Save You Money

Use these clever alternatives to save money and declutter your kitchen at the same time.

Whenever I’m at Target, I can’t resist taking a stroll through the kitchen section. I love checking out all the cool kitchen gadgets. From a tool specifically for pitting and slicing avocado to a tapping system for fresh coconuts, I’m enthralled by them all.

But there’s a pretty big problem with my enthusiasm for kitchen gadgets: I know I don’t need any of them. I already have issues with my limited kitchen storage space, and ddding unnecessary gadgets to the mix would only make things worse!

So while I love to look at the fancy kitchen gadgets at the store, I rarely bring them home with me. Instead, I try to make do with the kitchen tools I already have, and the more I do it, the more I realize that it’s all a matter of creativity!

If you’re willing to think outside the box, you can find dozens of useful ways to use almost any of the cooking tools you already own. A few years ago I wrote a whole post on this very topic (read it at this link), but I’ve decided that it’s high time I wrote a follow-up to that post. I’ve put together this post of even more alternatives to fancy kitchen gadgets, so enjoy!

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9 (More) Cheap Alternatives To Fancy Kitchen Tools

1. Use A Bottle As A Rolling Pin

If you don’t have a rolling pin (or yours is out of commission), use a glass bottle. They’re both heavy and smooth enough to make short work of any baking project.

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2. Use A Glass As A Cookie Cutter

Can’t find your cookie cutter? Just use a drinking glass (or a mason jar), turn it upside down, dip the rim in a bit of flour, and press. A glass is about the same size as a cookie cutter, and it works well for biscuits too.

3. Use Canned Beans As A Meat Tenderizer

You don’t need a fancy mallet to tenderize meat. You can use a can of beans instead! Wrap some plastic wrap around the bottom of the can first, then pound away. The weight of the beans in the can will help break down the tough muscle fibers in the meat. You’ll have deliciously tender and juicy meat in no time!

4. Use A Funnel As A Cherry Pitter

Even the most avid eaters of cherries don’t need a special cherry pitting tool, because a small funnel does the job just fine! Place the funnel upside-down, put a cherry on the small opening, and push. The pit will stay in place, and you can enjoy your cherries pit-free.

5. Use A Waffle Iron As A Quesadilla Maker

Even though waffle makers seems like a “uni-tasker” kitchen tool, they’re actually really versatile! You can use a waffle iron to make delicious quesadillas, paninis, and more. (Check out the post below for even more things you can make in a waffle maker!)

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6. Use A Slotted Spoon As An Egg Separator

A device that separates egg whites from egg yolks? That’s about as specific as kitchen tools get. But you can actually do the same thing with a slotted spoon. Just place a slotted spoon over a bowl and crack the egg into the spoon. The whites will slide through the slots leaving the yolk behind.

7. Use Tongs As A Citrus Reamer

Use your kitchen tongs to juice lemons and limes! Just cut the fruit in half, clamp it in your tongs, and squeeze over a bowl. The added pressure from the tongs will help get more juice out than squeezing by hand. Just make sure to strain out any pulp or seeds!

8. Use Cookie Cutters As Napkin Rings

Want to impress your dinner guests? Use small cookie cutters as fancy napkin rings! They’ll elevate the look of your table, and they won’t cost you a thing.

9. Use A Pizza Cutter As Herb Shears

You know those herb shears that look like scissors with too many blades? I actually bought them a while back and never had any success with them. (I still don’t know if it was user error, or if they just didn’t work at all.) But you know what does work to cut herbs? A pizza cutter! Just set your herbs on a cutting board and roll your pizza cutter over them.

What’s your favorite “alternative” way to use your kitchen tools?

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