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Cleaning · 9 Useful Tricks For Cleaning Hard-To-Reach Spaces

9 Useful Tricks For Cleaning Hard-To-Reach Spaces

Get into all the trickiest nooks and crannies around the house, and leave them looking spotless!

For the most part, my weekly cleaning routine keeps my house clean enough for my tastes. But every once in a while, I’ll notice that some inconspicuous area is actually a lot dirtier than I had thought! And the worst part is that once I notice it, I can’t STOP noticing it! Take, for instance, my laptop. I look at it everyday, and usually don’t think twice about if it’s clean or not. But then I’ll happen to notice one day that the keyboard is looking pretty grimy, and then I can’t rest until I take the time to clean it!

But cleaning out those tricky, hard-to-reach areas doesn’t have to turn into a huge project. In fact, if you know a few tips and tricks, you can get it done in just a few minutes! So I thought I’d put together a list of some clever hacks that will help you quickly and easily clean out all sorts of cracks and crevices around the house. This list will definitely save you time, energy, and frustration the next time you have to clean one of these areas! 🙂

9 Useful Tricks For Cleaning Hard-To-Reach Spaces

1. Keyboard Cracks

The nooks and crannies beneath the keys of your computer’s keyboard can be tricky to clean, but a sticky note can help! First, turn your keyboard upside-down and tap on it to dislodge any loose crumbs and dirt. Then turn it back over, and run the sticky end of a sticky note in between the keys to pick up any leftover debris.

2. Car Vents

Are the vents in your car looking a bit dusty? Use a cheap sponge paintbrush to swipe any dust or dirt away. The handle on the brush will help you reach inside the vents, no problem.

3. Window Blinds

Dusting your blinds can be a real pain, but using your kitchen tongs can make it much easier! Just grab your kitchen tongs, a couple of microfiber cleaning cloths, and some rubber bands. Wrap the cloths around the ends of your tongs and secure them in place with rubber bands. Use the cloth-covered tongs to quickly clean both the top and bottom of each slat in your blinds.

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4. Faucets

The faucets in your kitchen and bathroom can get grimy with deposits, mildew, and bacteria over time. Again, an old toothbrush can be a great tool for scrubbing them clean! The scrubbing action of the toothbrush and a little bit of soapy water will help you clear out all the nooks and crannies.

5. Underneath The Rim Of Your Toilet

The area underneath the rim of your toilet bowl is a hot spot for all kinds of nastiness! Sometimes even a good scrubbing can’t get it all the way clean. The best way to clean this hard-to-reach area is to soak some paper towels in white vinegar, and stick them up under the rim. Let the vinegar work its magic for about 30 minutes, discard the paper towels, and use your toilet brush to scrub any remaining gunk away. (This approach also works wonderfully for cleaning shower tracks!)

6. Window Tracks

Your vacuum probably has tools for cleaning crevices, but they may not be useful in every situation. For instance, your crevice tool may not be narrow enough to fit into the tracks of your windows to vacuum them out! In these cases, try using the cardboard tube from the center of a roll of toilet paper. Tape one end to your vacuum hose, then squish the other end until it can fit into your window tracks and other narrow spaces.

7. Dishwasher Filter

In order to keep your dishwasher running right, it’s important to keep all the nooks and crannies inside clean. Use an old toothbrush to scrub the screens, filters, and other small removable dishwasher parts.

8. Car Crevices

Some of the nooks and crannies around your car’s interior can seem impossible to clean! But you can use a few cotton swabs to clear them out in just a few minutes. Use a cotton swab to brush away loose dust and dirt, or dampen it with a bit of rubbing alcohol to wipe away stubborn gunk.

9. Air Vents

To quickly clean your air vents, start by vacuuming them to remove any loose dust. Then wrap a microfiber cloth around a butter knife, and use it to remove any dust that’s still stuck between the openings of the vent!

What’s your best tip for cleaning small or hard-to-reach spaces?

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