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Homekeeping · Gardening & Outdoors · 9 Seriously Helpful Hacks For People Who Hate Weeding

9 Seriously Helpful Hacks For People Who Hate Weeding

Weeds or weeding—I can never decide which I detest more! (At least we have these handy weeding hacks to make the process less painful!)

Gardening and yard work can be truly rewarding activities! While I do put a lot of time and effort into maintaining my yard, flower beds, and pots, being able to enjoy a yard full of beautiful, thriving plants makes it all worth it! But with that being said, I can’t deny the fact that certain aspects of gardening are just no fun, and weeding is definitely one of them!

Keeping weeds at bay is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy, beautiful yard or garden, but that doesn’t make it any more enjoyable. So today I thought I’d try and make the process a little less onerous by sharing some of my favorite weeding hacks!

The 9 weeding hacks I’ve included in today’s post are sure to save you plenty of time and effort, and will hopefully help you dread this chore a little bit less! 🙂

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9 Useful Weeding Hacks

1. Make Your Own Weed Killer

You don’t have to spend money on store-bought herbicides to kill weeds! Just mix up a batch of my super simple weed killing spray!

You only need two ingredients to make it, which you may already have at home: dish soap and white vinegar. Get the full details on making and using this spray here!

2. Make A DIY Spray Collar

While using a weed spray is easy, it can be tricky to avoid accidentally spraying the surrounding grass or plants as well! To reduce the amount of overspray, all you need is a simple spray collar!

You can make a spray collar out of an old can, a small bucket, or a small trash can (as shown above). Just cut off the bottom and/or top from the item to create a cylinder shape with open ends, then place it over the weed you want to spray. Apply your weed killer spray inside the collar to reduce overspray and protect your grass and plants!

3. Use Newspaper To Control Weeds

Want to reduce the amount of weeds that spring up around your plants and flowers? When you’re planting (or transplanting) them, take a few extra minutes to make a “newspaper lasagna.” This process involves layering newspaper into the soil to create a weed-suppressing barrier that still allows moisture to reach your plant’s roots.

Get all the details about the benefits of newspaper lasagna and learn how to use it here!

4. Don’t Forget To Mulch

In order to control weed growth in flower and garden beds, consider mulch your new best friend! Add organic mulch like bark, wood chips, or even grass clippings in an even layer about 2-3” deep over your flower or garden beds. The mulch will keep the ground moist and cool while blocking light that helps seeds germinate and grow.

5. Remove The Roots

When weeding, you want to make sure you remove as much of the roots as possible to prevent it from growing back. Grasp the weed as close to the base as possible, then pull. You should get most of the root this way (as long as the soil isn’t particularly hard).

6. Off With Their Heads

If you just can’t get the root of a weed to come out, don’t stress about it. Just make sure to chop off their heads to reduce the possibility of reseeding, and to help limit the spread of the weed.

7. Weed After It Rains

You’ll have an easier time weeding if you work when the ground is wet! Wet soil is more forgiving and flexible, so you’ll have an easier time pulling the weeds out with the root intact. (It may be muddier than the alternative, but it’s worth the extra mess!)

You can wait until after it rains, or you can prime the area yourself by watering thoroughly before you get started.

8. Keep Your Grass Longer

Cutting your grass too short can make it easier for weeds to grow and thrive in your yard. Instead, keep the height of your grass a bit longer, between 2-3” high. Longer, healthier grass will help choke out weeds naturally, without any added work on your part!

9. Use This Hand Scrub After Weeding

Weeding can be dirty work, so it’s a good idea to have a good hand scrub on deck! My all-time favorite hand scrub is my homemade Gardener’s Hand Scrub. It gently scrubs away dirt and grime from your hands, fingers, and nails, and leaves your skin feeling soft and clean.

Mix up a jar for yourself, and make a couple of extras to give away as gifts! 🙂

Do you have any weeding hacks that make it quicker or easier?

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