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Homekeeping · Cleaning · 9 Useful Tips That Will Make Cleaning Less Painful

9 Useful Tips That Will Make Cleaning Less Painful

Whether you struggle with arthritis, limited mobility, or are just more prone to aches than you used to be, use these simple tips to take the pain out of keeping your house clean!

When it comes to the topic of blogging, the question I get asked most often would probably be: “How do you come up with all of those ideas?” And people are usually pretty surprised when I tell them that I’m never short on ideas! 🙂 The truth is that ideas often yield more ideas, and a blog post often yields at least one or two good ideas for future blogs posts!

The reason I mention that tidbit is because that’s exactly how today’s post was born! The process started a few months back, when I wrote a post sharing a tip about cleaning your bathtub with a broom. (Missed that post? Be sure to check it out at the link below!)

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One of the unexpected benefits of that post is how useful it ended up being for people with limited mobility. After all, scrubbing with a broom requires a lot less bending and reaching than scrubbing with a small brush! That experience got me thinking about other ways to make cleaning less painful, and I knew that would make a useful post too! 🙂 So without further ado, here are 9 simple tips that will help you keep your house clean with fewer aches and pains involved.

9 Simple Tips That Make Cleaning Less Painful

1. Stand Up Straight

Whenever you vacuum, mop, rake, or shovel, beware of hunching! Keep your upper body straight and your knees slightly bent to reduce the amount of strain on your back.

2. Find Your Footing

And speaking of hunching over, make sure to avoid it when you’re scrubbing dishes at the sink too. Try this simple tip to keep your back straight: open the cabinet door beneath your sink and place on foot inside. This will allow you to bend at the knees to reach for things, reducing the strain on your back.

3. Reach Like A Golfer

Even picking up things around the house can be painful if it requires a lot of bending and reaching! But you can help keep back strain to a minimum by using the “golfer’s reach.”

When you reach for something with your right hand, lift your left leg into the air behind you. (Picture Tiger Woods retrieving a ball after sinking a putt!) This technique reduces back strain by distributing the effort more evenly along your body.

4. Automate Your Cleaning

There are all kinds of cool gadgets out there you can use to automate certain cleaning tasks! You can buy a robot vacuum, a self-cleaning litter box, a hands-free carpet cleaner, and more!

These automated cleaners typically don’t come cheap, but if it means less pain for you, it could be well worth the investment.

5. Pace Yourself

Instead of wearing yourself out with a once-a-week marathon cleaning session, try spreading it out throughout the week. Doing one or two tasks every day may end up being less painful that doing it all at once!

6. Store Supplies Smartly

Consider the way you currently store your cleaning supplies. Are they conveniently located for the tasks you use them for? For instance, if you have to go downstairs to the kitchen to grab what you need to clean your upstairs bathroom, you can save yourself some effort by moving those supplies upstairs.

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7. Spring Into Action

When it comes to stains on clothing and carpet, the sooner you address it, the better! Cleaning up and treating a stain immediately is always going to be easier and more effective than if you leave it til later. No need to buy products as you can make your own carpet cleaner.

8. Let It Sit

Never underestimate the power of letting things soak. If there’s a crusted-on mess in one of your pots or pans, fill it with hot, soapy water and let it sit for a couple of hours. To clean stubborn soap scum in your shower, apply your cleaning spray and let it sit for 15 minutes or so. Giving those cleaning products time to work often means a lot less scrubbing!

9. Use The Right Tools

Keep an eye out for tools that can make cleaning tasks easier. For example, this Baseboard Buddy tool has a cleaning pad attached to an extendable handle, so you can wipe your baseboards clean without bending or reaching!

Learn about more tools that can make cleaning tasks easier for you at the link below!

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How do you keep yourself comfortable and pain-free while cleaning?

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