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Cleaning · These 9 Problem-Solving Toilet Hacks Are Weird, But They Work

These 9 Problem-Solving Toilet Hacks Are Weird, But They Work

These slightly strange (but effective!) hacks will help you clean, fix, and even unclog your toilet using stuff you already have around the house!

We all have our least favorite chores, which we often go to outrageous lengths to avoid. (Did anyone else barter their unwanted chores with their siblings when they were younger? My siblings were shrewd traders, but they were usually willing to swap for a price.)

In my case, the one chore that I have always opted out of if given the chance is cleaning the toilet. While I appreciate our toilets very much, I just prefer to keep my interactions with them to a minimum.

With all that being said, I have still managed to collect quite a few toilet-related tips and tricks over the years. Because as much as I try to avoid dealing with the toilet, I’ll do it if it means being able to share a helpful tip with you guys. (That’s how much you all mean to me!)

During my experiments and research, I’ve ended up putting a lot of weird stuff in, on, and around my toilets—all in the name of finding the best toilet hacks! Today I’ll be sharing some of those strange-but-true toilet hacks that I’ve come across over the years. I think you’ll be surprised at how many totally weird ways there are to clean, fix, and maintain your toilet! 🙂

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9 Weird Toilet Hacks That Actually Work

uses for cola

1. Coca-Cola

While it isn’t great for your teeth, a can of cola can be great for cleaning your toilet! The carbonation and acids in the soda can dissolve rings, buildup, and stains in your toilet bowl. Just pour a can of coal around the rim of your toilet so that it soaks the whole bowl. Let it sit for a few hours to work its magic, then scrub with a toilet brush to scrub away the stains!

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Toilet Fixes

2. Pumice Stone

If you’ve never used a pumice stone in your toilet, give it a try! The abrasive stone makes a great tool for scrubbing away rings and stains. Make sure to dampen both the pumice stone and toilet bowl itself before scrubbing to help prevent scratches. Scrub stains gently with the wet pumice stone, then flush to rinse.

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Toilet Fixes

3. White Vinegar

Many people reach for bleach to clean their toilets and eliminate germs. But you can use plain old white vinegar in the same way, and you won’t have to worry about harsh fumes! To eliminate stains, soak a paper towel with vinegar and place it on the stained area, then allow the vinegar-soaked towel to remain there overnight.

In the morning, remove the towel and give the area a quick scrub to remove the mess. (This also works great when used on the gunk that builds up under the rim of your toilet bowl!)

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Toilet Fixes

4. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a safe and effective germ fighter you can easily use to keep your toilet clean. Pour about half a cup of hydrogen peroxide around your toilet bowl and let it sit for 40 minutes. Flush to rinse.

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Toilet Fixes

5. Hot Water

Did you know you can use hot water to unclog a toilet? Heat a pot of water on your stove until just before it starts to boil. Remove the pot from heat and let cool for a minute or two. Pour the hot water from the pot directly into your toilet bowl to help dissolve the clog.

(This trick works well, but it has the potential to crack a toilet bowl if the temperature difference is too great. Save this trick for warmer months, and avoid it during the winter if your toilet bowl tends to get cold!)

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Toilet Fixes

6. Clog-Busting Toilet “Bombs”

Another one of my favorite clog-clearing toilet hacks are these inexpensive DIY fizzy toilet tablets! Keep them in a container in your bathroom and they’ll always be there at the ready should you (or a mortified guest) have need of them.

To get the full instructions for making your own fizzy toilet tabs that can conquer clogs, check out the link below! (It’s #2 in the list—pun not intended!)

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Toilet Fixes

7. Baby Oil

Use baby oil to help your freshly cleaned toilet really SHINE! Apply a few drops of baby oil to a clean, soft cloth. (I always opt for microfiber when shining things up!)

Buff your toilet handle and the outside of the seat and tank to make them really sparkle! This also works works well on other bathroom fixtures, like faucets, shower heads, and more.

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Toilet Fixes

8. Plastic Bottle

You can use a plastic bottle or jug to save water in an older toilet that doesn’t have any water-saving features. Start by filling a narrow plastic bottle or jug with water, then replace the cap.

Place the bottle into your toilet tank, well away from any of the other mechanisms. The bottle will displace the water in the tank, meaning less water will enter and exit the tank every time you flush.

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Toilet Fixes

9. Nail Polish

A lot of toilet seat hardware is pretty cheap, and it tends to get rusty over time. But you can use a bit of clear nail polish to keep your hardware rust-free!

Just brush a coat of clear nail polish onto the screws and bolts and allow it to dry. The nail polish coating will prevent rust from forming, and it should also help keep your screws tighter, longer.

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What are your best tried-and-true toilet hacks?

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