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Advice · A Brilliant Idea For Creating Foolproof Passwords

A Brilliant Idea For Creating Foolproof Passwords

One of my biggest day-to-day headaches is trying to remember and keep track of the endless number of passwords in my life! I know that having safe and secure passwords is essential for protecting our online accounts. I have personally spent HOURS trying to unravel the mess that results when someone gets ahold of your passwords and tries to wreak havoc in your online life! But the problem with passwords is it can be hard to think of ONE good password, let alone create a unique password for each and every account!

That’s why when I learned about the following method for coming up with strong passwords that are also easy to remember…I was sold! (And, of course, had to share it with you!) 🙂

I personally use this method for all my important passwords now and it works great!

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  1. Start with a phrase. Try choosing something with upper- and lowercase letters, a number, and some punctuation.
  2. Create a password with the first letter of each word.
  3. If your phrase doesn’t have any numbers in it, use a number in place of (at least) one of the letters. For example, switch out the “o” from the word “only” with a zero.
  4. “You will get there, but only if you keep going” becomes Ywgt,b0iykg.
  5. You shouldn’t use the same password for everything. Instead, use the same “base password” and then add the first letter of the website the end. (For example, your Facebook password would be Ywgt,b0iykg.F) Now every password is unique, but you only have to memorize one!
  6. Print out the quote or phrase that your password is based on, and keep it next to your computer and save it on your phone. You’ll always have a reminder, but you don’t have to write down your password!
  7. To be extra safe, you might want to change your passwords every few months. However, one study from Purdue suggests that frequent password changes result in more frustration than it’s worth.

For more tips on internet security, check out these six simple ways to keep your home wi-fi safe!

Do you have any password tips?

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