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Crafts & DIY Projects · A Simple DIY Lampshade Upgrade

A Simple DIY Lampshade Upgrade

As you probably know by now, my favorite DIY projects are quick, easy, and functional, and the project that I’m sharing today is no different! With just a pair of scissors, some binder clips, and a glue gun, you’ll be able to create a custom lampshade that anyone would envy, for a fraction of the cost of designer lampshades!

Cute, patterned lampshades can easily go for $40 to $50 online, but this project will only set you back about $20, and that’s if you don’t already have a lampshade you can use! (If you do need a lampshade, the NYMÖ shade from IKEA is perfectly suited for this project.) 🙂

DIY Custom Lampshade

You’ll need:

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  • A drum-style lamp shade (you could use another style of shade, but using a drum shade will make it easier!)
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Binder clips, clothespins, or some other kind of clip
  • Fabric glue or hot glue

Start by measuring the circumference of your lamp shade, as well as the height. Cut a piece of fabric to those dimensions, adding an extra inch to both the height and circumference of your lamp shade. For example, my lampshade is 12″ tall and 46″ around, so I cut out a piece of fabric that was 13″ by 47″.

Line up one end of the fabric so that it’s straight along the height of your shade, and carefully wrap the fabric around the outside of your lampshade, using clothespins or binder clips to secure it as you go.

Where the fabric overlaps along the height of your lampshade, glue one edge down to the shade. Now take the excess fabric along the top and bottom of the lampshade that you folded over the hoop, and glue it down with fabric or hot glue. Remove the clips as you go, until all the fabric along the top and bottom of the shade has been glued down.

Finally, pull the free edge of the fabric taut, and glue it down on top of the other edge you glued down previously. I chose to iron in a 1/2″ hem first on the visible edge to give it a more finished appearance, but this step is optional. (You can always face the seam edge of the shade towards the wall!)

Why keep searching fruitlessly for the perfect lampshade, when you can just make it instead? 🙂

BONUS TIP: When it comes time to clean your lampshade, use a lint roller. You will be amazed to see how much dirt and dust you collect. CLICK HERE to learn 20 MORE things you can do with a lint roller.

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