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A Simple Way To Organize A Lifetime Of Photos

Do you have a box of photos like this somewhere lurking in the garage or attic of your house? Come on. Be honest. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Well, even if you’re not as disorganized as I am, I’m confident we all have old photos and videos sitting in the dark SOMEWHERE that would be much more appreciated if they were converted into a format that we could actually utilize and view.

I have SO many memories wasting away in boxes, it pricks at my conscience constantly. I’d much rather be enjoying and sharing our precious photographs and videos than feel guilty about them languishing in darkness. So when the good people of  Legacybox approached me about their innovative service it was a game-changer for me! Now I can actually enjoy my memories, rather than feel guilty about them!

Allow me to explain how this magical box works! Legacybox sends you this largely empty box, you fill it with photographs, VHS tapes…even Super 8 film…and send it back in the same pre-paid box. A few weeks later you receive the box (and your originals) back with one special addition….your memories are now all digitally preserved on these DVD’s and thumb drive…ready to be shared and enjoyed!

I have to admit, when the box first arrived I was a bit skeptical. I had a hard time believing it could be THAT EASY! I literally pulled old VHS tapes out of drawers, and photos out of boxes, put them in the Legacybox with the special bar codes that were sent with it, and sent it off. It was that simple.

When I opened the box and discovered these DVDs and thumb drive on top of all my photos and videos I was a little bit in awe. I couldn’t wait to see what treasures awaited me.

Within minutes I had grabbed the thumb drive and popped it into my laptop (that rarely leaves my side) and that quickly I was smiling, laughing, and even shedding a few tears of joy, as I relived precious memories with my husband and kids.

A few days later we viewed more photographs and videos on my laptop as we sat around a backyard fire (a Sunday night tradition in the summer.) Ahhhh…the beauty of the digital age. We take our memories with us anywhere and share them anytime!

Some of the biggest laughs came at my expense while viewing video of my old reporting and anchoring days from 1987. Hey…shoulder pads and big hair were MANDATORY in the 80’s! ๐Ÿ˜‰ But even while my kids got a good laugh out of watching their Mom in her serious “reporter mode”….they also got something else…a previously unseen peek into my life B.M. (Before Momhood). Priceless.

Other gems we got to enjoy….Erik’s first haircut….Britta’s dance recitals….Dad’s epic water-skiing moves on the lake he grew up on in Minnesota….and a whole lot more (that I won’t bore you with because I realize they are a lot more interesting to US than to you!) ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope this inspires some of you to go rummage through that box or drawer full of old photos and videos and take advantage of this wonderful service. Think of how much fun it would be to share those memories at the family reunion this summer….or gift to a parent or grandparent, or child this Christmas! Follow Legacybox on Facebook at @legacybox.

Compensation for this post was provided by Legacybox. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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