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Hi! I’m Jill Nystul, and here at you’ll find useful, practical solutions to the everyday challenges of running a household. Whether you’re a working mom, a stay-at-home dad, or an empty nester, the duties of homemaking can be demanding, expensive, and time-consuming. No household can function without a homemaker, but you shouldn’t have to figure it all out on your own!

I’ve come upon quite a few handy tricks over the years, so whether you want to learn how to whiten old and yellowed pillows, a great trick for cleaning your bathtub, or the many household uses for hydrogen peroxide, you’ll find what you’re looking for at My team and I make the work of “keeping house” easier, so you can enjoy more of your home and the people you made it for!

About Jill Nystul

Hi! I’m Jill Nystul (AKA Jillee)—blogger, author, and creator/founder of One Good Thing by Jillee! Born and raised in southern California, I now call a small town in Utah home where I live with my best friend and husband of over 30 years, Dave. We are fortunate to have all four of our adult children, two of their spouses, and one grand puppy near enough for regular get-togethers, and we hope it will always be that way!

Before I started blogging in 2011, I spent the majority of my career in TV news. After graduating from Brigham Young University with a degree in broadcast journalism, I worked as a news reporter/anchor, a segment producer for a daily talk show, and eventually a senior producer for another daily talk show (which earned me an Emmy award in 2004!)

My career also included a 14-year stretch as a stay-at-home mom to raise my four awesome kids. In many ways, my work as a mother and homemaker was not unlike my work in television—I worked long hours, always had a deadline to meet, and was constantly putting out fires (mostly of the metaphorical variety!)

During that time, I also found myself battling some pretty significant demons. I suffered from severe postpartum anxiety and depression, struggled with the pressure of caring for a young child with diabetes and celiac disease, and often felt overwhelmed by feelings of inadequacy and hopelessness.

I ended up turning to alcohol as a way to cope with the pain I was feeling inside. But as you can imagine, that only added fuel to the fire. My alcohol consumption quickly became an addiction that caused me to push my loved ones away, especially my husband. Finally, after several chaotic and self-destructive years and a year-long separation from my husband, I checked into a residential treatment center for addiction.

My “graduation” took place three months later on my birthday, February 20th, 2008. I now consider that day my “re-birthday,” when I was given a second chance at life. I left for home feeling terrified, but determined to follow the advice my counselors had given me to “find and pursue my passion” in order to avoid ending up right back in treatment.

As I attempted to live life “one day at a time,” the journalist in me was reawakened and I started writing. I started a blog called “One Good Thing by Jillee,” where I would share “one good thing” every day about life and home. Many of them featured my own little homemaking victories, like the way I removed sweat stains from my boys’ t-shirts or a recipe I made that became a family favorite! And to my surprise, my posts started attracting droves of visitors who were also searching for ways to create a home and life they love!

Focusing on “one good thing” helped me find real joy and a sense of purpose in my role as a homemaker, both of which I lacked as a young mom. As more and more people visited my blog, I recognized that I had an opportunity to help people like me, overwhelmed homemakers who were battling demons of their own.

Drawing on all of my skills and life experience, I dedicated myself to helping make life easier (and hopefully more enjoyable!) for anyone and everyone who does the important work of running a household. That is the passion that I have been pursuing every single day for the past 8 years, and I truly believe that being “Jillee” is the job I was born (and re-born) to do. Thanks for visiting my corner of the internet, and don’t hesitate to get in touch! 🙂

(P.S. You can read the full story about my struggle with alcohol addiction, my journey to recovery, and the origin of my blog in my book One Good Life, published in 2015 by Putnam Books!)



About One Good Thing by Jillee

One Good Thing by Jillee is an award-winning homemaking and lifestyle website. Since 2011, millions of readers each month have turned to this site for useful home and life advice, including cleaning tutorialsorganizing hacksnatural remediesfamily-friendly recipespractical beauty tips, and more!

Millions of readers trust the tips, tricks, and ideas they find on because of the dedication my team and I put in. We spend hours researching the information that goes into every single post, and together we test the recipes, make the DIY projects, and try the cleaning hacks to ensure that you get the best, most useful information possible.

Any opinions or recommendations for products or services come directly from me, Jill Nystul! On the occasion that a post is sponsored, the team and I go above and beyond to ensure that post offers the same quality of useful information readers have come to expect from One Good Thing by Jillee. Simply put: if it doesn’t help you, we won’t publish it!




One Good Thing by Jillee was awarded Most Likely to Help with Your Duties as Chief Household Officer in the 2013 Parents Magazine Blog Awards.

Parents Magazine Best Blogs of 2013 Winner


According to Apartment Therapy,
“One Good Thing by Jillee is known for having a plethora of DIY cleaning solutions…”

According to MakeUseOf,
“Jill Nystul’s tips and tricks, found at [One Good Thing by Jillee], have made her internet famous already. A simple writing style, plenty of good photos, and clear instructions make her hacks stand out from the crowd.”

From Woman’s Day,
“Blogger Jill Nystul of ‘One Good Thing’ Is Celebrating 10 Years of Sobriety”

From WKND Magazine,
‘You WILL survive… and thrive’
Interview and cover story in the August 19, 2016 issue of WKND, the lifestyle magazine of the Dubai-based Khaleej Times, the highest circulated English language newspaper in the Persian Gulf.


You try and test everything, so I trust you when you say a product works or that a recipe is good! You work so hard to give us the very best advice.


The good things you discover and share make our lives just that much better! And you do it with such joy and happiness that it’s infectious.

Nichie S.

You make everyone feel like your friend. You don’t dispense advice from your ‘lofty tower of knowledge.’ You share advice like you have discovered something wonderful and want to share it with your friends!

Frances S.

Before I research anything, I look on your website!

Sandi W.

[One Good Thing by Jillee] is my go-to website for answers, life hacks, and how-tos. I can’t tell you how many of them I’ve shared. I look forward to my emails from you, keep it up please!

Debbie E.

You’ve tried and failed and tried again, and you give us the best tips on what has actually worked for you in real life!


I love your DIY recipes and tips! I enjoy your life lessons too, and you are quite the inspiration!

Deb K.

You are the Heloise to a new audience.

Sherry K.


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