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Crafts & DIY Projects · An Easy and Affordable Filing Cabinet Makeover

An Easy and Affordable Filing Cabinet Makeover

Even when they’re NEW, traditional metal filing cabinets aren’t terribly attractive. But whether they are new or used, they don’t have to be boring! We’re showing you how to quickly and easily give your boring cabinet a gorgeous new look!

I wanted to get more organized with my filing system, but didn’t want to shell out a ton of money for it (because Back-to-School time isn’t exactly cheap!) So I was browsing at the thrift store and came across this neglected two-drawer filing cabinet for the very attractive price of $5.oo!

It had definitely seen better days, but the drawers worked, all the hardware was there, and I was sure I could spruce it up to make it work for me.

The first step in my filing cabinet makeover was cleaning the cabinet and drawers thoroughly. A warm washcloth took care of most of the dust and grime, while a magic eraser got rid of any sticky residue. Then it was time to paint!

I decided to go with a white and rose gold palette for my colors, because I’ve really been loving metallics lately. The first coat of paint I put on was a coat of Krylon Paint + Primer in Semi-Gloss White, but I quickly realized that it was going to take far more than one can of spray paint to cover my dark cabinet. I also realized that a glossy finish probably wasn’t the best choice if I was planning on painting stencils over the top of it.

So I let that dry overnight, and then switched tactics – for the next coat, I used Glidden Paint + Primer in Flat White, and applied that with a roller brush. The painting process was very fast, and it dried quickly as well.

The final step was to add my rose gold accents, using Martha Stewart Crafts Acrylic Craft Paint in Rose Gold. I removed the handles from the filing cabinet, and painted them using a simple sponge brush.

Then, using a couple of fun, geometric stencils (also from Martha Stewart Crafts,) I used a sponge brush to paint details on the top of the cabinet and the front of the drawers. Where you add your decorative details will really depend on where you’re going to put it. If the cabinet is going to end up in between two other pieces in your office or home, you can just skip painting the sides (like I did.)

Then I let all of the paint dry for the recommended time, replaced the handles and the drawers, and I was done! I’m really happy with the way this cabinet turned out. My sad, $5 filing cabinet has become a fun, stylish statement piece I can proudly display in my home office.

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