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The One Simple Thing You Should Do To All Your Tissues

Congestion and allergies can have you going through tissues like crazy! I'll show you how to make those tissues work for you by infusing immunity-boosting oils here!

In the weeks to come, the common cold and flu will still be making their rounds while early spring growth starts to trigger seasonal allergies. This convergence can be a perfect storm for runny noses and congestion, so I’m preparing now by stocking up on tissues!

I’ll also be keeping my congestion-busting essential oils at the ready, because I recently learned how quick and easy it is to make your own “aromatherapy tissues!” The idea is to infuse a box of tissues with essential oils, so that every time you blow or wipe your nose, you get a little boost of its beneficial properties!

I’ll be sharing a super-simple process with you in today’s post, so that you can make your own aromatherapy tissues at home! 🙂

Which Essential Oil Should I Use?

One nice thing about making aromatherapy tissues is that they are totally customizable! You can use whichever essential oil you want depending on the benefits you’re looking for.

You can’t go wrong by using Defend Essential Oil Blend, which is what I chose to use here. Defend features several oils with antibacterial and immunity-boosting properties, which is why it’s my go-to when I’m trying to get healthy (or stay that way!)

Other oils that would be perfect for making aromatherapy tissues include:

Choosing an oil is the hard part—the rest of it couldn’t be easier! 😉 Here’s how it’s done.

How To Make Your Own Aromatherapy Tissues

You’ll need:


Carefully open the cardboard flaps on one side of the tissue box.

Add 2 drops of essential oils to one of the inner flaps (the ones that sit closest to the tissues when the box flaps are shut.)

Close the tissue box up again by securing the outer flaps with a piece of tape, and you’re done! The aroma and benefits of the oil will infuse into the tissues, and the scent will be reactivated as the tissues are removed.

Brilliant, right? 🙂 I’m so happy I stumbled upon this simple tip! And before you go, here are a few more tissue tips that will likely come in handy in the weeks to come.

4 More Clever Tissue Box Hacks

1. Tissue Box Trash Can

Use a rubber band to attach an empty tissue box to the side of a full box of tissues. The empty box makes the perfect place to stash used tissues for someone with a cold!

2. Grocery Bag Dispenser

Repurpose an empty tissue box by using it to store plastic grocery bags. To make them pop up just like tissues, slide the bottom of each bag into the handles of the next bag before placing them all in the box.

3. DIY Desk Organizer

An empty tissue box also makes a great base for a DIY desk organizer! Simply add a few toilet paper tubes and decorate for instant office supply organization.

4. Upside-Down Tissue Dispenser

One clever way to store tissue boxes is to place them upside down in an under shelf basket. This makes it much easier to grab a tissue with one hand, and it’s more sanitary too.

Do you have a favorite brand or variety of tissues?

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