· Homekeeping · These Are The Best Bed Sheets I Have Ever Slept On
Homekeeping · These Are The Best Bed Sheets I Have Ever Slept On

These Are The Best Bed Sheets I Have Ever Slept On

I didn't even know it was possible for sheets to be this soft.

A few months ago, I wrote a post about my go-to product for treating seriously dry skin. (If you missed it, you can view that post at the link below!) That post was a bit out of the ordinary, because I don’t usually dedicate a whole post to talking about one particular product. But I felt compelled to tell my readers about that product, because the whole purpose of this blog is to share “good things” (even if it is just a cream for treating dry skin.)

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And to my delight, that post was very well received! I ended up hearing from several readers who had been searching for a product like that, and were grateful that I had shared that recommendation with them.

Because that post was so popular, I’ve decided to turn it into an ongoing series! Every once in a while, I’ll tell you a bit about a product that I absolutely swear by, and why I love it. Today I’ll be kicking of this new series by telling you about my very favorite bed sheets. A few years ago, my sister Rebecca told me that she had gotten a set of bamboo bed sheets, and she recommended that I give them a try. So I ordered my own set, and they immediately became my favorite sheets I’ve ever owned!

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What Are Bamboo Sheets?

Bamboo bed sheets are just like regular sheets, except they’re made with bamboo fiber instead of cotton or synthetic materials. Bamboo stocks are harvested, dried, then ground up into pulp. The pulp is dried in flat sheets, which get milled into a fluffy fiber. Then the fiber is woven into some of the softest sheets known to man (or at least to me). 😉

Bamboo grows extremely quickly for a plant, and you don’t need to cut it out or kill it in order to harvest. This means that bamboo is actually a highly renewable and sustainable resource, which makes bamboo sheets an environmentally-friendly option! Another environmentally-friendly feature of the bamboo plant is that it is naturally antimicrobial, so it doesn’t need to be treated with pesticides as it grows. And those antimicrobial properties are retained during processing. So not only are bamboo sheets super soft, but they can also help control odor-causing bacteria and pesky allergens for an even more restful night’s sleep.

Why I Love Them

It bears repeating that these sheets are seriously so soft. In fact, you don’t even have to bother with checking thread counts, because most bamboo sheets don’t have them. Any brand of bamboo sheets will likely be softer than even the softest, most luxurious cotton sheets! Bamboo sheets are so soft that it even makes them easier to sleep on, because the material seems glide more easily against your skin. I can roll over and adjust my position in bed without feeling like I’m taking the bed sheet with me.

Another reason why I love my bamboo sheets is because they feel so much cooler than cotton sheets. The coolness is a combination of the breathability of the fabric, and its ability to wick moisture away from your body as you sleep. It’s hard to describe how these sheets seem to keep me at the perfect sleeping temperature all year round, but it’s absolutely true! You’ll just have to give them a try and experience it for yourself. 😉

Are They Worth The Money?

The manufacturer of my particular set of sheets is Cariloha, a company based right here in Utah. One drawback of my prized Cariloha bamboo bed sheets is that they do not come cheap. But at least for me, these sheets are worth every penny they cost! I experience the benefits of sleeping on them every single night, so I definitely feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. And I’ve had my current set for a couple of years now, and they’re still in great shape!

But even though my preferred bamboo sheets are a little on the pricier side, you can definitely find cheaper options out there. Check out bamboo sheets on Amazon to find a range of price options that can fit your budget! Regardless of which bamboo sheets you try, I should warn you that you may never want to go back to cotton sheets again! 😉

Caring For Bamboo Sheets

I thought I’d also mention a few quick tips for caring for bamboo sheets. They’re pretty durable, but there are a couple of things you can do to ensure that your sheets will have a long and happy life!

Wash them in cool water. Washing in cool or cold water will help preserve the fibers in your sheets, which will keep them silky soft. (But it’s okay to use warm water every once in a while when your sheets are particularly dirty.)

Avoid bleach and phosphates. Detergents that contain bleach or phosphates can damage the bamboo fabric of your sheets and cause them to wear out faster.

Dry on low heat. Tumble dry bamboo sheets on a low- or no-heat setting. Avoid over-drying them to prevent wrinkles.

So there’s the scoop about my very favorite bamboo bed sheets. I hope you’ve learned something, or that I’ve at least managed to pique your interest! Oh, and one final warning… once you climb into a bed with bamboo sheets on it, you may never want to get out! 😉

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