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Homekeeping · Crafts & DIY Projects · Problem Solved! How To Stop Bath Mats From Slipping

Problem Solved! How To Stop Bath Mats From Slipping

This genius hack solved one of my all-time biggest pet peeves in about 30 seconds.

bath mat

If you have a flat-woven or backless bath mat, I’m sure you have experienced the annoying way they refuse to stay put. But it’s not just aggravating to have a bath mat that’s constantly moving around—it can be a serious safety hazard too!

But I recently discovered a very simple solution to my migrating bath mat problem, and I’ll be sharing it with you in another edition of my “Problem Solved!” series. (Check out the rest of the series at the bottom of this post!)

The Problem: Bath Mats That Won’t Stay Put

One of my biggest home decor pet peeves has got to be small rugs that won’t stay put! This is especially frustrating in the bathroom because I don’t like to limit myself to rubber-backed bath mats. They aren’t usually very cute, and there are too many other more appealing rugs out there.

In addition to not being very attractive, another drawback of rubber-backed bath mats is that they tend to deteriorate when washed. A regular rug (or a backless bath mat) will look better and last longer after several washes.

I’ve considered a few different solutions to get my small rugs to stay put in the bathroom, but none of them were particularly promising. But I eventually did come across a very useful hack that fixed my problem in seconds!

non-slip rug

The Simple Solution: Shelf Liner

Recently, I read a comment from a reader that advised using shelf liner to keep your rugs in place. It made perfect sense to me, because when you think about it, liners are made to stay put without staying stuck.

It also made sense to me because it’s a very frugal solution! You can get a 10-foot roll for less than $10, and have plenty of liner to use under several different rugs around the house.

non-slip rug

I ended up choosing this roll of Easy Liner Super Grip Shelf Liner from Walmart for a few different reasons. First, because the material itself has Clorox antimicrobial protection that prevents the growth of mold and mildew—a handy feature to have in a humid environment like the bathroom!

It’s also extremely easy to cut, which is a helpful feature for this particular project. Especially if you have several rugs you want to use it under, you don’t want to struggle with a liner that’s difficult to cut.

Here’s how it’s done!

non-slip rug

How To Turn Any Rug Into A Non-Slip Bath Mat

You’ll need:


non-slip rug

Unroll a section of the shelf liner, then cut a piece that is approximately two-thirds of the size of the rug you’re going to put it under. (Don’t worry about being super precise or cutting in stick-straight lines, because you won’t see the liner when it’s under the rug!)

Lay the piece of liner down where you want to put the mat, then lay the mat down over the top. Now you’ve got a cute bath mat that will stay put, without having made a single alteration to the rug or floor!

The “Problem Solved!” Series

Do you know of any other creative uses for shelf liner?

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