· Homekeeping · Organization · 7 Things You Need To Get Rid Of In Your Bathroom
Homekeeping · Organization · 7 Things You Need To Get Rid Of In Your Bathroom

7 Things You Need To Get Rid Of In Your Bathroom

Struggling to get ready in a cluttered bathroom isn't a great way to start your day! Make your mornings easier by getting rid of these 7 things in your bathroom.

Does anyone else get the itch to start “spring cleaning” their house long before spring actually arrives? I always develop a case of cabin fever this time of year, so I end up channeling that restless energy into decluttering, cleaning, and reorganizing the house.

But getting my spring cleaning out of the way early isn’t such a bad thing! In an episode of The Office titled “The Secret,” Michael Scott sums this up nicely: “If you do your spring cleaning in January, guess what you don’t have to do in the spring? Anything.” 🙂

Since I’m already in decluttering mode, that’s what we’ll be focusing on in today’s post! Back in May I wrote a post about things to get rid of in your pantry, so today we’ll take a look at things you ought to get rid of in your bathroom(s)!

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7 Things You Should Get Rid Of In Your Bathroom

1. Travel Toiletries

Many people collect travel-sized toiletries from past hotel stays. If you have a toiletry collection taking up space in your bathroom, consider donating your collection to a local shelter that accepts toiletry items.

Those mini bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and lotion will be much more useful to someone in need than they will be collecting dust in your bathroom!

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2. Old Perfumes

Since they tend to be pretty expensive, it can be hard to part with perfume bottles that aren’t quite empty yet. However, keep in mind that the scent of perfumes can change over time, and sometimes in ways that aren’t very pleasant!

As you dust off and reorganize your perfume bottles, take the time to smell each one too. If anything smells off, go ahead and toss it.

3. Hair & Makeup Products

Every once in a while, I buy a new makeup or hair product that I only use a few times before it gets relegated to the back of a drawer. And I’m guessing I’m not the only woman who does that! 😉

Go through all your hair and makeup products and get rid of anything that has expired or that you haven’t used in the past few months. Not only is this a good practice in terms of hygiene, it can also free up a lot of valuable storage space in your bathroom drawers and cupboards!

4. Towels

Another thing that tends to grow over time is my collection of bathroom towels. As the older ones wear out, I add new towels to the stack without doing anything about the old ones.

If you have a lot of bathroom towels, go through them and set aside the oldest ones. As long as they are clean, you should be able to donate them to a local animal shelter or humane society.

5. Hair Ties

Whether you keep your hair ties in a jar, a drawer, or a basket, chances are they could use some tidying up! Go through your collection and get rid of any hair ties that are either too stretched out, or have been known to snag your hair.

6. Medicines

If you keep any medicines in your bathroom, it’s a good idea to go through them regularly. Get rid of anything that has passed its expiration date or you don’t need anymore.

Be sure to dispose of old medications safely. Many pharmacies, hospitals, and even police departments have drug disposal boxes available for public use.

7. Nail Polish

Go through your nail polish bottles and examine each one. Look for changes in consistency and texture (like clumps, separation, etc.) and toss out anything that doesn’t look quite right.

What could you stand to get rid of in your bathroom?

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