· Bright Ideas · This Is The Best Way To Store Fresh Fruit To Make It Last Longer
Bright Ideas · This Is The Best Way To Store Fresh Fruit To Make It Last Longer

This Is The Best Way To Store Fresh Fruit To Make It Last Longer

Don't make the same mistakes I did; this is how you should be storing your fruit!

I hate to admit it, but I haven’t been particularly great about keeping fresh fruit in the house lately. And it’s not because I don’t like fruit, because I do! It’s mostly because when I do keep fruit in the house, I usually end up throwing half of it away because it goes bad before I can use it all. But the warmer weather we’ve been having lately has inspired me to redouble my efforts to eat better, so I decided I needed to solve the fruit problem once and for all.

I did some digging around online for answers, and it turns out that my fruit problem stemmed from how I was storing it. Little did I know that keeping fruit in a ceramic bowl was such a no-no! Apparently, using a solid bowl or container for fruit doesn’t allow for enough air circulation, which makes the fruit go bad more quickly. So what is the best way to store fruit? A fruit basket! And here are a few reasons why.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Store Fruit In A Fruit Basket

1. Air Circulation. An open basket allows the gases from the fruits to escape into the air, rather than getting trapped and causing the fruit to age more rapidly.

2. Visibility. A basket give you a good view of what fruits you have inside, so you can easily know what you have. And if you see the fruit, you’re much more likely to eat it while it’s still fresh!

3. Room Temperature. Your fruits can sit out on the countertop in a basket without requiring refrigeration. The only fruits that need to be refrigerated are berries and fruits that have been cut.

Once I had learned that a fruit basket was the way to go, I started shopping online for one. I ended up finding several good options that could work for a variety of home and kitchen situations. Here are some of the best and most affordable ones I found:

8 Fun & Functional Fruit Baskets

1. 2-Tier Fruit Stand $18

This is the fruit basket I ended up buying. It has two-tiers, which can hold a surprising amount of food! It’s under $20, and it looks nice on my countertop.

2. Fruit Tree Bowl With Banana Hanger $16

This fruit bowl is similar to the one above, but instead of having a second bowl on top, it has a hanger that’s perfect for bananas!

3. Three-Tier Wire Market Basket $50

If a tiered design is your thing, then check out this cute design! This one stands tall at 48″ and has 3 separate baskets, so you have plenty of room for all the fresh fruit your heart desires! 🙂 You can use the other baskets to store things like potatoes, onions, garlic, or other foods!

4. 3-Tier Hanging Basket $13

If you’re short on counter space, try a hanging fruit basket! This one has 3 tiers for all your produce, and would add a cute decor element to your kitchen too.

5. 2-Tier Dish Drying Rack $30

This one doesn’t technically count as a fruit basket, but it can certainly make a great one if you’re willing to think outside the box! You can use this rack as a place to wash, dry, and display your fresh fruit!

6. Mesh Apple Fruit Basket $11

If fruit flies are a concern for you check out this covered model! It has a mesh dome that sits on top, which allows for air flow but will also keep the flies away. The best part is that the whole thing looks like an apple! And here is how to get rid of fruit flies if they are already flying around your kitchen.

7. Fruit & Vegetable Hanging Storage Mesh Bags – 5 count $10 (2 count)

Another design that saves on counter space are these hanging mesh storage bags. The mesh material allows for air flow, and there’s a hole near the bottom to remove what you need. Place new fruits or vegetables in the bag through the top, so you’re always using the oldest items first.

8. Fruit And Veggie Hammock $11

And finally, the last “basket” I wanted to share is this cute fruit and veggie hammock! Hang it up under a cabinet and your fruit will stay fresh (and relaxed!) for days! 🙂

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