· Bright Ideas · 7 Unexpected Ideas That Will Make You Enjoy Your Birthday Again
Bright Ideas · 7 Unexpected Ideas That Will Make You Enjoy Your Birthday Again

7 Unexpected Ideas That Will Make You Enjoy Your Birthday Again

As an adult, birthdays can range from "underwhelming" to "downright depressing!" So today I'm sharing 7 creative ideas that will actually make you enjoy your birthday again!

I find that the older I get, the less I enjoy celebrating my birthday. Although I do enjoy the excuse to get the whole family together for dinner (our usual method of celebrating birthdays), getting another year older doesn’t feel quite as positive and exciting as it used to!

But I think that many adults feel that way. As you get older, your birthday seems to lose some of its luster, and it just doesn’t hold the appeal that it did when we were kids!

But since my birthday is coming around again next month, I figured it’s a good time to reinvent how I celebrate it, both for my sake and for all of yours! So in today’s post, I’ll be sharing 7 unconventional and, dare I say, even fun ways to celebrate your birthday as an adult! 🙂

7 Creative Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday As An Adult

1. Write & Reflect

Take some time on your birthday to reflect on the previous year. Ask yourself what you accomplished during the last year that you’re proud of, and what could you have handled better?

It’s also a good time to think about the year ahead, and explore where you’d like to be (physically, mentally, emotionally, etc.) this time next year. Jot these thoughts down in your journal, or type it up and on your phone or computer so you can add to it on your next birthday!

2. Celebrate Like Your Ancestors

Put a more personal twist on your birthday this year by highlighting your heritage! Your ancestors had their own ways of celebrating special occasions, and observing one or two of those traditions on your birthday can be a meaningful way to reconnect with your roots.

Since my own birthday is coming up next month, I’ve picked out a couple of Danish birthday traditions to observe in honor of my Danish heritage. I’ll be making my own birthday cake to share, and I’ll be displaying some Danish flags! 🙂

A simple Google search is a great place to get started if you want to find birthday traditions associated with your own heritage!

3. Get Birthday Freebies

We all love getting stuff for free, right? So why not spend your birthday collecting as many birthday freebies as you possibly can? 🙂

Check out The Real Deal’s extensive list of birthday freebies to find out what you can get for free on your special day. (Many stores and brands require you to sign up for their email list to get their birthday freebie, but you can always unsubscribe later if you want!)

4. Treat Yourself

Treat yourself to something special on your big day! While there’s nothing wrong with splurging if you want to, you can also keep it relatively cheap and still make it feel like a treat.

You might stop by your favorite bakery for breakfast, then take some time to yourself to read or do a crossword in the afternoon. Whatever feels indulgent to you is fair game! 🙂

5. Overcome A Challenge

Your birthday is the perfect opportunity to push yourself to new heights! There’s nothing like that feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction after you’ve done something challenging, whether that’s starting a new exercise routine or finally having that difficult conversation that you’ve been putting off.

Start your next year of life on the right foot by doing something that makes you feel strong and capable of anything! 🙂

6. Plan A Weekend Getaway

Make your birthday an occasion to remember by planning a weekend getaway with your friends or family! A few days in a vacation rental can be surprising affordable if everyone is willing to chip in.

7. Do Something Good

Use your birthday as an opportunity to do something good for someone else! Get together with a few friends or family members and donate your time at a local food bank, animal shelter, or soup kitchen.

You could also donate items by turning it into a fun birthday activity! Get a list of requested items from your favorite charitable organization, then spend an afternoon out shopping for items on the list.

How do you celebrate your birthday as an adult?

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