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Bright Ideas · How To Block Those Bright LEDs So You Can Actually Sleep

How To Block Those Bright LEDs So You Can Actually Sleep

Those annoyingly bright lights on your TV, alarm clock, or other gadgets in your bedroom can make it hard to fall asleep. But these genius tips will solve the problem fast!

We all share a common need to sleep, but that doesn’t mean we all sleep the same way! We all have different preferences, needs, and sensitivities when it comes to sleep. For instance, I’m one of those people who needs a room to be really dark in order to fall asleep. And one thing that makes that difficult is those bright LED lights on every electronic item in our bedroom! (Especially the ones that stay lit even when the device is turned off.)

I’m sure I’m not the only person who has ever been kept awake by those annoying LED lights on TVs, alarm clocks, and other electronic devices. So I thought that in today’s post, we could explore some creative solutions to that problem together! Below you’ll find three easy solutions for covering up those annoyingly bright LEDs on the following items:

  • TVs
  • Chargers
  • Internet modem and/or router
  • Alarm clocks
  • Speakers
  • Computers
  • …and more!

These solutions are removable, so you won’t have to worry about causing any damage. And you can pick and choose your solutions based on whether you want to dim the lights or block them out completely! With the help of these creative solutions, we’ll all be able to sleep a bit more soundly! 🙂

3 Easy Ways To Cover Bright LEDs In Your Bedroom For Better Sleep

1. Painted Tape

Start by placing a piece of clear scotch tape over the LED light you want to cover up. Then paint over the tape with a bit of black nail polish or a black permanent marker to prevent the light from shining through. (Black nail polish is more opaque than marker, so I would recommend using nail polish if you want to block the light completely.)

This is a great solution because it’s totally removable. Whenever you want to remove your light-blocking tape, it will peel right off easily!

2. DIY Blackout Stickers

Another way to cover up those bright LEDs is to make your own “blackout stickers!” You’ll need some black electrical tape, some wax paper, and a hole punch. Place a piece of electrical tape onto the wax paper, then use the hole punch to punch out a few circles from the taped area. And voila, your blackout stickers are ready to roll!

Just peel off the wax paper layer to expose the sticky side of your blackout dot, and apply the sticker over the LED light you want to cover up.

Electrical tape is perfect for this purpose because it’s really easy to remove. Peel it off easily whenever you want!

3. Light Dimming Stickers

If you have a lot of bright LEDs you want to cover up, consider investing in a set of light dimming stickers! This set from Amazon comes with over 400 light dimming stickers in different sizes and levels of opacity, which gives you a lot of options when covering up LED lights.

The various opacity levels allow you to either slightly dim, mostly dim, or completely block any LED light on any device.

Bonus Safety Tips!

  • Don’t cover LEDs with fabric. It can be tempting to toss a shirt or scarf over those bright lights to block them from view, but it’s not a great idea. Fabric tends to trap heat, which could cause your electronic item to overheat and even become a fire hazard.
  • Don’t store your modem or router in a cabinet. Internet modems and routers can have a lot of annoying lights, making it tempting to shut them up in a cupboard to block them from view. But don’t do this! Not only could storing these devices in a cupboard lead to problems with your internet connection, it could also cause them to overheat.

Do you ever have trouble falling asleep because of bright LED lights?

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